What is the mediterranean?

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The Mediterranean is the name of a body of water between Europe and Africa. The term is also used to describe the region bordering that body of water. Mediterranean climate means cool but not cold wet winters and dry summers. A mediterranean diet includes food using a lot of olive oil. So, it is a place and a way of life.
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What is the Mediterranean campaign?

Answer . This was the campaign to take control of the Mediterranean Sea by gaining control of the ports and countries that border it.. In 1939 and 1940, the conflicts bega

What is the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is an eating plan based around foods and meals eaten in the Mediterranean region. This diet or better yet, lifestyle, is comprised of several components

What is the Mediterranean climate zone?

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What is the Mediterranean climate like?

The Mediterranean climate is characterised by warmer, dry summers, tending occasionally to hot, and cool to warm, wet winters dominated by westerly winds. The climate is gener

What is the Mediterranean diet pyramid?

It is similar to the Pyramids of Giza. First you must squeeze the vegetables into blocks and then stack those on top of whole grain (the sand). And then you must eat the fruit

What is the Mediterranean weed?

An aggressive, aromatic, bluish-green wooly-leaved,nutlet-producing, yellowish white-flowered member of the mintfamily is what Mediterranean weed is. Specifically, theplant

What is the Mediterranean Sea?

It is a large body of water, situated by Europe on the north and onthe south by north Africa and is sometimes considered as being partof the Atlantic Ocean, but geographically