What is the most dangerous element?

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What are the dangerous elements?

That's a pretty vague question, but Plutonium, Uranium, or Hydrogen would be the most dangerous due to their use in Nuclear Weapons.

What is the most dangerous element of the periodic table?

Although a reasonable and simple question, this query is difficult to answer because elements are dangerous for different reasons. Following are only some ways in which elemen

What are The Most Dangerous Game Literary Elements?

Short Stories - Literary Devises Title: The Most Dangerous Game Point of View: 3rd person full omniscient Protagonist: Rainsford What type of character is the Protagon

Dangerous uses of the element carbon?

I think it can be used as making potassium cyanide (KCN) which is a harmfull and dangerous poison. It can be used to form CO i.e. carbonmonooxide which is also a toxic gas

What is the most dangerous element in the world?

Plutonium is the most dangerous element you can handle because it is highly radioactive. Just inhaling a small amount of plutonium dust will give you lung cancer. However, plu
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Why is uranium a dangerous element?

Disadvantages of uranium: 1. Uranium is a possible polluting agent of the natural environment. 2. Uranium is a toxic and a radioactive chemical element. 3. Uranium releas
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Is krypton a dangerous element?

No its not a "dangerous" element and trace amounts of it are found in the atmosphere. However that said if you were in a enclosed room and krypton pumped in you would suffoc
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What dangers are the dangers of mercury the element?

Mercury is toxic, it can be absorbed through the skin and the vapor can be inhaled. Once in the body it does not leave. It can cause damage to the nerves, liver, and proteins