What is the name of the highest mountain in Canada?

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Mt. Logan is the highest mountain in Canada. It is located in the Saint Elias Moutains, which are a subgroup of the Pacific Coast Ranges. Mt. Logan is located in Yukon, and its elevation is 5959 meters (19,850 feet).
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What is the highest mountain in Canada?

The highest mountain peak in Canada is Mount Logan, in the Yukon territory. Mount Logan it is also the second highest mountain in North America. It is 19,541 feet. The highest

What is highest mountain in Canada?

Mt.Logan at 5,959m. Running through the St.Elias Mountain Range and is the second Highest in North America Mt.Mckinley is the highest at 6,196m.

Is the Rocky Mountains the highest mountains in Canada?

no the rocky mountains are not the highest mountains in Canada because the highest mountain in Canada in Mount Logan. The Highest are the St.Elias Mountain range which holds M