What is the pH number of sodium hydroxide?

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Sodium hydroxide does not have a pH number. The pH of a solution of sodium hydroxide depends entirely on the concentration of it in that solution.
To learn how to determine the pH of a sodium hydroxide solution, see the Related Questions links.
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What is the actual pH of sodium hydroxide?

What is the pH of sodium hydroxide? What I determined from a wide range pH paper is that the pH of a .1 M solution of sodium hydroxide was that between 11 and 12.

What is sodium hydroxide pH level?

pH level is a measure of acidity , the simplest way to understand it is the lower the pH value the more acid something is , and the higher the pH value the more alkali somet

What pH is sodium hydroxide solution?

Sodium Hydroxide is a very strong base and a 50% solution has a PH over 14. If you dilute it down to only 3.88% you will begin to see PH results under 14. If You dilute it all

How do you find out the pH of sodium hydroxide?

Use the working definition of pH used in General Chemistry classes: pH = -log([H + ]) and the equilibrium constant for ionization of water: [H + ][OH - ]=10 -14 (Here [] d

PH of sodium hydroxide?

pH depends on quantity (concentration) and quality (strong or weak) of the compound. In 0.10M (0.10 mol/L) solution of hydroxide (strong base) pH=13. At lower concentration