What is the purpose of cytoplasm?

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The purpose of cytoplasm is to keep all organelles in place.
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What is the cytoplasm?

It is a mixture of organelles and cytosol. The gel like liquid isthe cytosol; all the structures, organelles, suspended in thisliquid and the liquid make up the cytoplasm. Thi

What does the cytoplasm do?

The jelly-like cytoplasm fills the cell and supports its structure.It allows the cell to take up 3-dimensional space as the cell'smany organelles "float" freely inside it. Cyt

What does cytoplasm do?

Cytoplasm offers support to the cell. It allows the cell to take up3-dimensional space and the cell's many organelles to "float"freely throughout. Also acts as a medium for tr

What do cytoplasm do?

Where cytoplasm is located: All five kingdoms of life contain cytoplasm (animal, plant, protist, fungi and monera). The cytoplasm is an important part of all cells. The cyt

What is cytoplasm and what does it do what?

It's the liquid that both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are filled with. It consists mostly of water, and is where most of the chemical reactions of the cell take place.

What is the purpose of cytoplasm in a cell?

It is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fats , minerals , vitamins along with a large propotion of water. all these components work together to provide a unique living natur

Purpose of a cytoplasm?

Cell expansion, growth, metabolism, and replication are carried out in the cytoplasm.

What is cytoplasm about?

Cytoplasm is the jelly-like gel in a cell. this is the jelly-like gel that supports and keeps the cell alive also. :) hope it helped.
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What is cytoplasm in a?

Cytoplasm is a jelly like fluid between the cell membrane and nuclear membrane.In cytoplasm chemical reactions take place ,these reaction are collectively known as metabolism.