What is the speed of darkness?

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The universe consists only of space, mass and energy. The word 'speed' is applicable only to mass (solid, liquid, or gas) or energy (heat, light, electromagnetic waves, etc.). Darkness is not a mass nor energy, so the word speed cannot be applied to darkness.
  • Darkness is the absence of light. There is no speed of darkness.

  • I guess you could say that darkness "arrives" when light departs. So the speed that light "leaves" the observed space would be the speed of darkness; meaning the speed of darkness would be the speed of light, about 3.00 × 108 m/s. The same reasoning is behind the statement "there is no 'cold,' only the absence of heat."

  • I think the contributor is asking a joke or riddle - a play on "the speed of light."

  • There is a "Speed of Darkness". It is the fifth studio album by the Celtic Punk band Flogging Molly. It was released May 31, 2011.

  • According to the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett, Darkness is faster than the speed of light as no matter how fast light tries to get there, darkness always got there first.
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What is speed?

Speed is the distance traveled by a body in certain interval of time. It is measured in units of metres per second, ms -1 . Speed can also refer to drugs of the amphetamine class.

If the speed of light is 299 792 458 m s how much is the speed of dark?

Darkness is not an entity, so it does not travel and has no speed. In principle, a shadow or nonentity could "travel" faster than the speed of light. For example, if you pivoted a powerful laser a few degrees the point of light would travel across a screen very far away at a "speed" greater than lig (MORE)

Were the dark ages really dark?

If you are talking about the period in European history, then no, they weren't literally dark. Of course there was still night and day. The Dark Ages refers to the Early Middle Ages, the period of cultural, political, technological, and economic degradation that occurred after the fall of the Rom (MORE)

Why was the Dark Age not dark?

The term, "Dark Age," refers to a period traditionally given the dates of 476 to 1000 AD. In fact, this period can be divided into shorter periods that are very different from each other. There earlier of these is a time when Germanic tribes set up kingdoms in what had been the West Roman Empire. Th (MORE)

What is darkness?

Darkness is also known as lightlessness... which is a lack of light... so there are far fewer photons visible. Darkness is the absence of light

Why do dark people have dark eyes?

The dark pigment in both eyes and skin serve the same purpose: protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. People with dark skin usually have ancestry in tropical or subtropical latitudes, where UV rays are more intense. Having dark skin and dark eyes will allow greater protection from UV rays, reducing (MORE)

What is in darkness?

Darkness is the absence of light. If you turn out the light in your room, for example, your room will contain the same things as it did while there was light, but you simply can't see them.

How do you get dark?

go to a tanning store and become a regular member. then we have the natural element the sun' of course with sun block lotion

What is dark matter and dark energy?

Dark matter and dark energy are place names for theoretical concepts invented to explain particular observational features of the Universe. As far back as the 1930s, astronomer Fritz Zwicky noted that there was not enough visible matter in clusters of galaxies to hold them together over the time (MORE)

Does darkness have a speed?

no, it is the speed of light just at a lower level of intensity. Light travels and never ends even when it hits a planet light still exist just at a lower intensity.

What dark energy and dark matter is?

Dark matter is what keeps galaxies together. For example, if you pour beads (representing stars planets etc.) in a tub they spread out but if you get a fan (representing dark matter) it is possible to blow all the beads to one side dark matter is pushing certain thing together and also separating g (MORE)

In a dark dark town?

"In a dark, dark town", are words from the beginning of thechildren's book "Funnybones" by Allan Ahlberg. The book is aboutthree skeletons who want to scare someone.

Is need for speed undercover in the dark?

No, it's in daylight most of the time. I think it varies, I have just started playing it but there is a change in time during the missions but they are (for so far as I got) before 18:00.

How dark is dark?

i don't whant to be mean but this is not a real question because dark can just go and go ect........ Dark is when you cannot see your hand in front of your face.

What does speed do?

Drug : Speed enhances your stamina, delays physical fatigue and increases heart rate. It also intensifies your senses, you can hear, feel, smell better than before. In sports, this can be used as a performance enhancer, even though there are much better products on the market. It has a huge downs (MORE)

What is the speed of dark in space?

Same as the speed of light. Darkness is only the absence of light, so when light leaves a specific "space" (at the speed of light) then the time it takes to be dark there will be equal to the time it takes the light to leave.

How dark is the dark side of the moon?

Half the moon is 'dark' at any one time. Every point on the moon isilluminated for roughly 50% of the time, as the first answer said.So there IS a dark side of the moon :). And it is very dark, sothat stars can be seen more clearly than anywhere on earth.

Why do we have dark?

In space there is no light, except that which comes from stars, like our sun. So a more apt question might be "why do we have light?". Our sun, like other stars, is in a constant state of nuclear fusion, which creates immense amounts of energy. Light is how we percieve part of this energy. The (MORE)

Why do you call dark matter dark?

"Dark" in the phrase "dark matter" comes from the fact that it interacts with ordinary matter only very weakly (at most) except through the gravitational force (and, for certain possible types of "dark matter" since we're not really sure what it is exactly, through the weak force, but that's strictl (MORE)

Does darkness have speed?

No, darkness does not have physical properties as it isn't anything at all. Darkness is defined as the absence of light, it is just what happens when light is not present.

What does darkness resemble in heart of darkness?

The meaning of darkness evolves as the story progresses in Joseph Conrad's novella, Heart of Darkness. At first the audience is led to believe that darkness refers to the absence of what makes Western culture 'civilized'; technology, communication, relationships, etc. In this way, the meaning is a (MORE)

What is the 'darkness' in the novel Heart of Darkness?

The true darkness in this novella is the way the "pilgrims" and Beligians treat the natives. Kurtz is upfront about his "methods" in gaining ivory (he gets it from the natives by force). It is a quest to the heart of darkness, beginning at the outer station, to the central station, and finally ends (MORE)

When is the darkness too dark?

the darkness is too dark when you are no longer able to find precious belongings and all feels dreary, and to the point of no return. the darkness permeates with the sadness that feel hopeless. this darkness is definitely too dark. beings of light are increasingly difficult to locate as we sink and (MORE)

Why is the dark dark?

Well the dark is 'dark' because no light is let in. Places like an enclosed area with walls and ceilings also no lights are dark. It is dark because no light can get through the enclosure you are in.

How fast does the speed of dark travel?

I love this question. Einstien has a great quote on the answer. There is no such thing as dark or cold or even dumb. dark is the absence of light. cold is the absence of heat and being dumb is the absence of intelligence. there is no speed of dark, but you could probably get away with saying its the (MORE)

If there is a speed of light what is the speed of dark?

Dark does not exist, it is only the absence of light. Darkness is not an entity, so it does not travel and has no speed. In principle, a shadow or nonentity could "travel" faster than the speed of light. For example, if you pivoted a powerful laser a few degrees the point of light would travel acros (MORE)

What is dark energy and dark matter?

Dark energy is the term used to describe the hypothetical type of energy rationalized to account for the inflationary expansion of the universe. Similar to the Einstien's cosmological constant, which Einstein invented to account for the discrepancies of a static universe, the is no direct empirical (MORE)

If you go faster than the speed of light does everything turn dark?

First of all, the conditions you suppose in the question aren'tpossible. You do not go faster than the speed of light. But to answer the question, I would remind you that one of the mostimpoortant foundations of the Theory of Relativity is that no matter how anobserver is moving, and no matter wher (MORE)

If a black hole can suck-up and draw in light then the speed of darkness must be faster then the speed of light?

Not quite. Remember that darkness is simply the absence of light. If you flipped a lightswitch in a closed room the light turns off, and it goes dark. The reason that is is because the lack of a light source. Some animals can take that lack of a lightsource and see using infrared visuals. They DONT (MORE)

Why is dark matter called dark?

Dark matter cannot be seen directly detected; i.e. it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level. Instead, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large-scale structure of the univ (MORE)

Is dark matter faster than speed of light?

That doesn't seem likely, given that nothing has been found so far to be faster than the speed of light, and there are certain theoretical reasons to believe that it is not possible. On the other hand, not much is known about dark matter, but it is likely that much of it is slow, i.e., not even near (MORE)

What is the 'speed of dark' definition?

Dark is defined as the absence of light. Therefore, it moves just as quickly as light, away from the light. The speed of light IS variable, it is NOT a constant.

What is dark power and dark matter?

Dark Energy is a strong repelling force that drives all matter not held strong enough gravitationally to each other apart. Dark Matter is a form of matter that only interacts with other matter gravitationally, and hence is invisible and undetectable other than its force to keep galaxies together.

What were the dark ages and why were they called dark?

The Dark Ages were the Early Middle Ages, traditionally from 476 to 1000 or 1066. They are a time from which few writings survive, so they are assumed to be a time during which most people were illiterate, an assumption that is reinforced in some of the few records we have. They are called the Dark (MORE)

I origanally wanted the speed of dark How can there be movement through nothing in space does not something always replace something else?

the closest answer to my own question is that we base everything around us on physical substances, light, dark, it has to have medium to have sense to us. what if bacteria and viruses are whats controlling all? think how they have been around the longest and like other well established species, (suc (MORE)

What is a speed?

Basically "speed" tells you how fast something moves. It is defined as a distance divided by a time (more precisely, in the case of variable speed, the derivative of distance with respect to time).

Could dark matter be causing the cosmic speed limit (the speed of light) as light gets slowed down when passing through dark matter?

That's completely unrelated. Light usually slows down when passing through ANY matter. It does not react with dark matter (which is what makes the "dark matter" invisible in the first place), except through the gravitational interaction. The "cosmic speed limit" is a limit on how fast ANYTHING can t (MORE)

Why were the dark ages so dark?

The middle ages are also referred to as the dark ages because ofthe large amount of knowledge and skills lost following thefall of the Roman Empire. It was dark in terms of societalillumination, not in terms of light illumination.