What is the tile piece that connects wall tile to floor tile?

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It is called a cove tile. It has a little curve at the bottom to connect to the floor tiles.
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What are floor tiles and ceramic tiles?

Floor tiles are tiles made for use on a floor. They can be made of ceramic, terra-cotta, linoleum, vinyl and other materials. Ceramic tiles are a type of tile made from harden

Can you use floor tile on a wall?

Yes, you can use floor tile on the wall. It can be heavy, but if you use a high quality latex fortified thin set (NOT mastic) you should have no issues. It also should be put

Can you use wall tiles on the floor?

Generally no. Wall tile are often made of material with low PSI ratings. These ratings tell how much pressure per square inch a flooring can with stand. Being made to go on th

Do you tile the shower walls or floor first?

Shower walls, because if you do the floor first, and then drop a wall tile on it, you could risk chipping the already laid tile. Work with gravity, top to bottom all the time

Can you tile over wall tiles?

It is best to remove the wall tiles. You need a flat service and a lot of times old tile will not be perfectly flat. If you remove the tiles you will have a good base to tile

Can you use wall tile adhesive on floor tiles?

Yes ANS 2 - I would only do that as a repair or an emergency. Floor tiles generally need a heavier and denser glue as they are being walked on - wall tile has no such stre

Can you use wall tile grout on floor tiles?

You can. It is less gritty but it works. Edit - While this is true, it's important to understand the wall grout is designed for thinner grout lines, so if you use it on the

What is travetire -- a kind of floor or wall tile?

Travertine is a natural stone that is often used for floor and wall tiles. Travertine is a type of limestone that is formed in spa areas and has a honeycombe structure. It can

Can you use floor tile adhesive for wall tiles?

You could but it's not advisable Wall tile adhesive is thicker so it won't run down the wall and the tiles are less likely to slip ANS 2 - I have done this a few times.

Can you use floor mortar on wall tiles?

Probably yes, but it depends on the exact labeling on that mortar, and what kind of tile and wall surface you have. Check to see what kinds of tile (ceramic, porcelain, traver

Can you install wall tile on the floor?

It is certainly possible to tile a floor, but bear in mind, there is much more pressure placed on the floor than on the walls, and floor tile must be laid over a solid cement

Is it ok to use wall tiles on floors?

If you will use it inside the house then it's ok, but if you will use it inside the bathroom it is not advisable because wall tiles are slippery when wet. Slippery floroing is

Can you use wall tile grout on floors?

Tiles used on floors tend to be thicker than wall tiles. Also,floor tiles are subjected to flexing as people walk over them.Therefore, if floor tiling a wooden floor, use a fl