What is the weight of 8 months old baby?

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The weight for each baby is different. There are babies that eat more than others and therefore weigh more. Also what they eat can effect the weight change
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How much should an 8 month old baby weight?

Baby's Age Healthy Weight Range Healthy Height Range 8 Months7.1 Kg - 10.9 Kg66.0 cm - 76.0 cm8 Months15.6 lbs - 24.0 lbs26.0 inches - 29.9 inches

Can the weight of carrying your 9 month old baby harm your current pregnancy?

Lifting Weight . Under normal pregnancy circumstances, it is commonly advised for a pregnant woman not to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. Also, do not lift anything that is awkward to carry that is about the weight of a gallon of milk or heavier. This is especially true beginning the second trimester. As your belly grows, you already become off-centered with the extra weight in the front, and carrying awkwardly shaped or large items, no matter how much they weight, can be dangerous in that it increases your risk of becoming off balance and falling. However, if you have a high risk pregnancy, they will not want you to lift anything at all... outside of your fork or hairbrush. Now, if your 9 month old is at an average weight, it is okay for you to carry her, provided you are not a high risk pregnancy. You should not carry her for extended periods of time, nothing outside of moving her from spot to spot if no one is around to help you. However, do not bend at your back to try to pick her up from the floor. Bend with your knees... or better yet try to get her up onto a couch first so that it will be less stress trying to get a good hold on her. In any case, you should still consult with your doctor in case he has any special instructions for you.

What is the average weight and height of 4 month old baby?

Answer . That really varies, there is no exact way to answer that. My 4 month old for example is about 24 1/2" and weighs nearly 14 lbs. When my neice was only 2 1/2 months she weighed in at 14.

Do babies slow down in weight gain when their age hits six-months-old?


What is the average height and weight of a 2 month old baby?

Answer . Betwenn 8 and 12 pounds, also depending on the weight at birth, and how many inches he or her is now.

19 month old baby boy height and weight?

A 19 month old boy should weigh between 22.4 and 27.5 lbs. Heshould be 31.7 to 34.3 inches tall.

What recipes are there for your 8 month old baby?

take 1 tbs of rice, 1 tbs of green grams, 1 tbs of tur dal, 1 tbs of malts and rost all of them and make powder. add 3 tbs of powder with little water and boil and make a paste of it. add litl carrots and palak to it, add litl ghee and salt. it gives lot of energy to babies. Bananas, Boiled eggs and boild corn is also good good.

Weight of a 6 month old baby?

There is nothing like absolutely normal weight for a given age. It also depends on birth weight. Babies gain about 600grams per month for the first six months. The birth weight is approximately doubled by six months.

What is the ideal weight and height for a 17 month old baby?

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What is the average weight and height for 15 month old baby girl?

My daughter is 15 1/2 months old and she weighs about 19.5 pounds (20 on a a good day!) and is 32'' long. 18.7 lbs - 28.6 lbs says. http://www.eirpharm.com/weight_height.php

What is the average weight of a one month old baby?

The average weight of a one month old baby is anywhere between 6.6to 11.2 lbs. However, it is known that some newborns will slowlylose weight after the one month mark then gradually put the weightback on.

What is the ideal weight of a 20 month old baby?

My son is 20 months old, and he is just over 12 kilos. I just had a look at this chart. http://www.nestlebaby.com/au/baby_development/what_to_expect/information_about_weight_size/

Why do 7 month old babies live while 8 months old did not?

Theres no real answer to that, as many factors come into account. Such as hygiene, general health and life support equipments.

What to feed an 8 months old baby?

If you are tradional weaning, then formula baby food can be found in grocery stores and supermarkets. There are a variety of purees and flavours depending on your babies age. If you are baby-led weaning that you have a greater range of options - as your baby can mostly eat whatever you have. This obviously works within reason, you can't offer your baby junk food - though you can do healthier alternatives, and you must check before offering. Items such as shellfish, chocolate and honey should not introduced before they are 1 year old and excessive salt and sugar must always be monitored. Search for BLW and you will find many supportive forums and information from other parents.

What is a normal weight for a ten month old baby?

Three times of the born weight if the babay was 3 kgs babay should be 9 kgs. after 10 months if less consult doctor. Three times of the born weight if the babay was 3 kgs babay should be 9 kgs. after 10 months if less consult doctor. Three times of the born weight if the babay was 3 kgs babay should be 9 kgs. after 10 months if less consult doctor

What is the average weight of a 8 month old baby?

Baby's Age Healthy Weight Range Healthy Height Range 8 Months 7.1 Kg - 10.9 Kg 66.0 cm - 76.0 cm 8 Months 15.6 lbs - 24.0 lbs 26.0 inches - 29.9 inches

Ideal weight of 14 month old baby girl?

It should be between 9 to 13 kg mostly depends on the height of the baby

How much should a 7 month old baby weight?

Babies vary greatly in size and weight, especially in infancy.Unless there are specific problems with the child's health, theweight is of little importance.

How much should a 8 month old baby weight?

they usually don't weigh alot. just depending on how much you eat that gets to the baby.

What is the normal weight of a 17 months old baby boy?

It depends: If it is a normal obese baby boy, he would probably weigh upwards of 100 pounds... If it was a normal anorexic baby boy, he might way 5-10 pounds... If it was a normal baby boy, he would be a prodigy child... I inspire to be a prodigy child when I grow up.

How much should a 6 month old baby weight?

There is no such thing as an absolutely normal weight for a child of given age. It depends on birth weight and also racial factors. The birth weight roughly doubles between five and six months.

Normal weight of 8 month old baby girl?

\nIf she's on the 50th percentile, then her weight will be a little over 8 kilos, or about 18 pounds. Of course, there's a range of healthy weights above & below this, so look up a chart on the internet.

What should the height and weight be of an 18 month old baby girl?

18 month old babies can average 25 pounds, but this can vary quite a bit.

How much food do you feed an 8-month-old baby?

when the baby cries you feed it when it pushes the spoon away its done eating.

Is semolina good for your 8 month old baby?

Semolina is a kind of wheat used mainly for macaroni products. If the child is not allergic to wheat, he or she should be able to eat it with no problems. The product should be cooked soft (not limp), however, and mashed well, with just tiny lumps.. As part of a healthy diet, it fills the same place as bread, rice, potatoes, or other starch.

What is the Average weight of a 20 month old baby?

I looked it up and found that the average weight of a 20 month old is 25.35 pounds.. http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/height-weight-teens.shtml

What is the average weight of a 18 month old baby girl?

The average size of an 18month year old baby should be about 45-50cm and should weigh 9-13kg

What is the average weight for a two month old baby?

My baby was born 8lb and 1oz. He recently went to his check up and he weighs 13.6lb they told me that was normal. He eats 6oz every 3-5 hours. The average weight of a 2 month old is 11-17 pounds.

How much should a 2 and 8 month old weight?

Baby's Age Healthy Weight Range Healthy Height Range 2 Months3.7 Kg - 6.0 Kg51.0 cm - 61.0 cm2 Months8.1 lbs - 13.2 lbs20.1 inches - 24.0 inches Baby's Age Healthy Weight Range Healthy Height Range 8 Months7.1 Kg - 10.9 Kg66.0 cm - 76.0 cm8 Months15.6 lbs - 24.0 lbs26.0 inches - 29.9 inches

What food can you give an 8 month old baby?

A baby that is 8 months eats baby food,bananas,oatmeal,cereal,applesauce,green beans,mashed potatoes.And other things NOT corn.

What is the average weight for a 10 month old baby boy?

The average weight for a 10 month old baby boy is 20.28 pounds = 9.2 kgs. These weight figures were given to me by our paediatrician (our last visit to see him was 4 days ago and our baby boy is 10.5 months old). Many online sources also say these exact figures for average 10 month old babies.

Can you give a 8 month old puppy baby aspirin?

Type your answer here... No medication unless it's approved by a vet. And Tylenol is fatal to dogs and cats do not give to them!

How much should an 6 and half months old baby weight?

healthy babies come in many shapes and sizes . At six months , anywhere between 14 and 21 pounds is considered a healthy weight for boys. (Although, five percent of healthy boys weigh less than 14 pounds and five percent of healthy boys weight more than 21 pounds). Healthy boys who are 28 inches long, whatever their age, usually weigh 16 to 22 pounds. So 17 or 18 pounds is a great weight for an active boy to be!

What is the average weight of a 3 month old baby girl in pounds?

She should only weigh about 1-3 more pounds than when she was bornso for an 3 month average baby girl, she should weigh about 9-15pounds.

How much does an 8 month old baby need to eat?

An 8 month baby should be eating quite alot. It depends on the babythough. They should be eating baby cereal and oatmeal, and the veryfamous Gerber Puree Baby Food frequently throughout the day. Baby'sby now should have roughly 5-6 teeth and should stick to smoothwarm food.

When your 8 month old baby temperature is 38.4 is this dangerous?

ring your nursecall number or local health care number. its getting a little high, tepid sponging, remove clothing etc.

How can you claim your 8 month old baby?

I am also a full time student, 21 and still live with my parents. I don't really get any help from the dad other him getting him diapers and wipes but he has not really helped me out with the medical bills. I also work as a waitress so i don't really get a paid a regular amount.

Who will have the better chances of survival a 7 months or 8 months old baby?

If we are talking about being born 8 months of course. The further along they are in their development the better. If you are talking about after being born depends on the baby and cause of dying.

Average weight for 8 month old boy?

about the same as an eight month old girl. The CDC recommends that the child of 8 should be around 56-58 lbs.

How much should a 6 month old baby weigh her birth weight was 8 lbs 10 ozs. and was born at 37 wks.?

my son was born 5lbs 4 ozs and he will be 6 months in 12 days and only weighs 13lbs 9 ozs. is he underweight?

How much should a 1 month old baby weight?

i weigh 3 pounds and i was late so 5 at the heaviest or the baby is mordily obest lol

What is the weight of a baby calf at 8 months age?

This depends on the breed. Some calves will weigh around 750 lbs or lighter at 8 months of age; others may weigh around 900 lbs.

What would make an 8 month old baby fail to gain weight?

fast metabolism or a stomach digestion problem, possibly the foods the child is eating too?

What would make an 8 month old baby fail to gain weight when she's eating jar food twice a day and breastfeeding six - seven times a day?

Is she still having lots of wet diapers and some BM ones? She may just be hitting a stall point or stretching out, so her weight won't go up. Does that make sense? All of my kids have had some times where they didn't budge on any height or weight charts.

What food to be given to 6 month old baby to put on weight?

If your baby is underweight then you need to take it to see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) for an examination and advice about what to do.

How hard can an adult shake a 8 month old baby?

They can't, or shouldn't, be shaking it at ALL!!! No one should ever shake a child, no matter the age. You can seriously hurt, or even injury/kill a small child by any type of abuse, no matter how minimal "the adult" thinks the abuse is!

What is the best milk powder for a 8 months old baby?

Hi. I have tried different brands,but from my personal experience I can say that Similac -Stage 2 is proving to be beneficial for my 8 month old Infant.

How do you stop loose motion for 8 month old baby?

To stop loose motion or loose stools for an 8 month old baby, it is best to feed the baby breast milk only. Breast milk has natural chemicals to control the bowels. If this is not possible, one should feed the baby a pediatric electrolyte and a lactose-free formula. Bananas may also help with loose motion.

How to put on the weight of a13 months old baby?

Give the child bananas. Bananas have good source of vitimins. "Eat a pound of bananas, gain 2 pounds."

What happened to the 8 month old baby after the woman beat it?

well, what do you think? it obviously will die! and i dont think any woman will beat her own baby when its only 8 months old because im pretty sure it wont do anything bad unless you count going to the bathroom and crying as something bad, after all, ITS ONLY 8 MONTHS OLD goodness,