What is thermal expansion?

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Thermal expansion is the physical change of size of something owing to higher thermal energy of the object. Heat (thermal energy) causes increased atomic motion in materials, and this change in the kinetic energy of the atoms and molecules of a material will cause it to increase in volume.
It is a physical characteristic of matter (as opposed to a chemical one), and it is pretty much true across the board. No, ice does not expand when it turns to water, and there are a couple of other exceptions, but, in general, when we heat things, they increase in volume. So the density will decrease but mass remains the same. As in the density formulae, Density= Mass over Volume. When mass do not change and volume increases, it is obvious that it had density to be lower.
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How do I calculate the thermal expansion of water?

This can be found from the steam tables. www.x-eng.com gives steam tables. At different temperatures and pressures wolume of water can be found. To find the coefficient of exp

Why does thermal expansion occur?

Heat is the average kinetic energy of the molecular (or sub-molecular) consituents of matter. The faster the molecules are vibrating, the hotter the material is. And faster

What is Thermal expansion coefficient of plastic?

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE) . The coefficient of linear thermal expansion measures the change in length per unit length of a material per unit change in

What is thermal expansion and how bridge roads and sidewalks compensate or deal with thermal expansion?

Thermal expansion (TE) is a process in which materials expand due to changes in temperature. How different structures deal with or compensate thermal expansion (just some exa
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Why is thermal expansion not visible in solids?

Thermal expansion in solids is normally very small - typically around one part in one hundred thousand for a one Kelvin temperature change. That means that a one metre long le
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What is thermal expansion feed water regulator operated by?

They work when steam and water occupy a tube that is on a slight incline. As water level drops the steam space inside the tube expands. The expanding tube is connected to a li
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What is thermal expansion coefficient per K for brandy?

I'm not sure it's possible to answer this question in general, since "brandy" is not a well-defined chemical substance and the answer would depend on the exact composition. It