What is volt the base unit of?

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Electric potential.
the SI unit of electromotive force, the difference of potential that would drive one ampere of current against one ohm resistance.
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The electron volt is a unit of?

The eV (Electron Volt) is a unit both of mass and energy. It is used as a mass unit in particle physics, for the most part. Generally, you will hear it as a unit of energy. On

Is volt a SI base unit?

No it is not. A volt is a joule divided by a coulomb, it is m 2 ∙kg∙s −3 ∙A −1

What is not an SI base unit -- a second an ampere a volt or a kelvin?

All SI base units: Base quantity..........................Name........Symbol length......................................meter........m mass...................................

Is a volt an SI base unit?

No the SI base units are: . metre for length . kilogram for mass . second for time . ampere for electric current . kelvin for temperature . candela for luminous intens

The units of electric current is the volt?

There are several units related to electricity. The unit of current is the ampere. The unit of electric potential, more commonly known as voltage, is the volt.

Is volt a metric unit?

Yes, it is part of the SI. It is a derived unit. Yes, it is part of the SI. It is a derived unit. Yes, it is part of the SI. It is a derived unit. Yes, it is part of the SI

The volt is the unit of measurement for?

Electricity! Actually just saying "electricity" is an enormous oversimplification. Watts and amperes measure aspects of electricity as well. Volts are a measure of Electro

What is the SI unit for volts?

Volts are in SI electric potential difference, electromotive force . volt. V. W/A. m 2 ·kg·s -3 ·A -1 .

Why the units are volt amperes?

The units of power in AC reactive circuits are volt-amperes instead of watts because the voltage and current are not in phase with each other. Volt-amperes is a better indicat