What percentage of land on earth is dominated by humans?

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29% of Earth is land mass. Of that 29% humans occupy less than 1% of that area. Of the remaining 28% about 40% is pure wilderness. 14% is true desert and 15% has desert like characteristics. 9% is Antarctica. Most of the remaining 22% are agricultural areas. There may be other areas with a human footprint of some kind.
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What percentage of the earth is land?

By the most common criteria used (which includes swamps and seasonal dry land), the Earth has a land surface of 144,940,000 km 2 , which is about 29.2% of the total surface ar

What percentage of the earths serface is land?

land is 28.888888888889 percent and the water is 71.111111111111. This is the exact percentage. Due to the Quran, the water (Bahar) word is mentioned 32 times, since land (B