What should you do in case of a flood?

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Move furniture and valuables to a safe location.
by trey D. Walk, swim, ride a bike, or drive a car through flood water to escape.
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Should you buy a car that was in a flood?

no not unless they repaired it well because it could've screwed up the engine ----- The problems that i have found with "flood cars" hasn't normally been in the engines. The main problem has been electrical problems. All of the connections and plug ins have been saturated and in time the process

Should rivers be allowed to flood?

yes, if we try to control rivers, we are only going to cause a bigger problem, messing up ecosystems and possibly causing more deaths.

What should you do after floods?

Depending on where you live and what damage you have to your home you should probably move to a higher elevated area if you were originally in a low elevated area

How should you prepare for flood?

one thing to help you get ready for a flood is to get a plan of where y'all will go what y'all will take. you need to get the place ready as soon as the flood warning is stated or a better thing to do is to have it ready all the time. i hope that helps some.