What special structures do animals have that allow them to defend themselves?

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Hard shells, sharp claws, powerful legs, sharp teeth, etc. etc.
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How do animals defend themselves?

Animals have various defense mechanisms. Most have teeth, so they can bite. Others have claws or horns to scratch and gore. Long-legged animals can kick with their hooves. A d

Should people be allowed to defend themselves by killing?

\nYour question is not well phrased. The law allows someone to kill to defend themselves, they nevertheless still have to prove such a circumstance.\nShould a person be allowe

How do animals defend themselves from predators?

There are various methods for defence, depending on the animal. . camouflage, which may enable them to blend into their surroundings, or make them appear more dangerous than

How can snakes defend themselves from bigger animals?

A snake will usually try to flee or hide when threatened. A fewspecies will play dead if confronted by a predator. If cornered orcaptured many snakes will bite their attacker.

Are Jehovah's Witnesses allowed to defend themselves against death?

No. Or another answer is yes, based on the following Witness literature; The Watchtower printed by Jehovah's Witnesses says in 1st June 1968 page 347 But what if you

What structure do animals have in protecting themselves?

Animals are divided into two main groups, Invertebrates and Vertebrates. Vertebrates, such as man, have a spine and an endoskeleton, ( internal skeleton) to which all their mu

What special body parts do tarantulas use to defend themselves?

All tarantulas use their fangs to defend themselves, and many tarantulas will strike out at pushy predators with their front four feet before trying anything more violent. If

How do they grizzly bears defend themselves from animals?

Grizzly bears are the biggest predators in their environment. Even wolves and mountain lions can't kill grizzly bears because the Bears are well armed with their size, strengt