What triangles will form a kite?

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Any two triangles which are a mirror image of each other will form a kite if their long sides are brought together.
A kite is a special kind of quadrilateral, that is, a shape with four sides and four vertices. A kite can be made with 4 right triangles.
Right angled triangles
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What is a kite?

Answer: in addition to the child's toy named kite, there is a bird named the 'kite.' Kites are mostly carrion eaters (already dead bodies like buzzards and crows) but sometimes eat rodents, snakes and other small live prey. Answer: A kite or (deltoid) is a quadrilateral with two pairs of s (MORE)

What is kiting?

Kiting in RPGs is a process of keeping a monster (mob) at a distance so they can't do damage to you while you (the character) damage it. In WoW the character classes most able to do this are: Hunters, Warlocks, Mages, Priests and Shaman. (Paladins can do it to Undead, Rogues don't they use stun-lock (MORE)

Where can 'Kite Runner' be read in e-book form?

Kite Runner is still a fairly new book, so it is not yet available in the public domain. This means that it cannot be read for free online legally. However, it can be purchased in e-book form. See the related link below.

How did the Bermuda triangle form?

The Bermuda Triangle was formed by someone with a map, a ruler, apencil, and an overactive imagination. Someone realised at a certain moment that the area where manydisappearances were reported resembled a "triangle" on the map.

What does a kite have?

In geometry, a kite is a four sided polygon, with 2 adjacent sides congruent, and the other 2 adjacent sides congruent. Also, each of the 2 opposite angles (which connect the non-congruent sides are congruent to each other, and the other 2 angles non-congruent. The diagonals are congruent. There is (MORE)

What do kites have?

kites have wooden sticks some string to fly the kite and some paper to make it fly because paper is light

Do kites form 2 pare of congruent triangals?

The triangle on top is smaller than the one on the bottom. The reason for this is to have more surface area on the bottom, so the kite leans into the wind. If both triangles were the same size, the kite would lay horizontal (level) and the wind would not lift the kite up. It is a vector problem. He (MORE)

Can any 3 segments form a triangle?

If you have triangle ABC: A / \ / \ / ___ \ B C 2 segments must have a larger sum of length than the other side. So if AB is 3, BC+ CA must equal more than 3. But the segment can't be too long otherwise the other side relations won't work, i.e. AB + CA equaling the sa (MORE)

When do 3 numbers not form a triangle?

3 numbers can't be the lengths of the sides of a triangle if . . . -- any one of them is less than the difference of the other two -- any one of them is more than the sum of the other two (The above two statements are equivalent. Also, in both cases, a triangle is not formed if the any one of (MORE)

Can a trapezoid be formed into a square and triangle?

Yes, Some can even be formed into a square and two triangles or a rectangle and one or two triangles. Just drop perpendicular(s) from the vertex (vertices) of the short side to the long side (that is to say, the two sides which are parallel). That will form one or two right triangles and a rectangle (MORE)

How is a triangle formed?

A triangle is formed by three straight lines and has three interior angles that add up to 180 degrees.

Can 9 7 16 form a triangle?

Pick out the largest number, and check whether it is less than the sum of the other two numbers. If it is less, then you can. If it is greater or equal, then you can't.

What is the triangle form by a pentagon?

I think what you are asking is "What type of triangle is formed within a pentagon?" That depends on whether the pentagon is either regular or not, and also by how you plan on making the triangle, specifically between which diagonals of the pentagon. There is not enough information to answer this que (MORE)

Can a kite be an acute triangle?

No because it is a quadrilateral Answer: Kites can be made in any simple shape (triangle, rectangle, tetrahedron, circle, etc.) or even complex forms (birds, dragons, sailing ships, etc.) as long as there is a sufficient surface area to provide lift to the system

What three structures form the suboccipital triangle?

The suboccipital triangle is bordered by the Oliquus Capitis Superior and Inferior muscles and well as the Rectus Capitis Major muscle. The structures within the triangle are the vertebral artery and the suboccipital nerve.

How does Bermuda Island form a triangle?

Bermuda is not shaped like a triangle, it is only called that because each point of the triangle if you drew lines inbetween them it would form the shape of a triangle. Bermuda is only one point. written by Matthew age 9

Do the lenghts form a right triangle?

If the sum of the squares of the shortest two sides is equal to the third squared then it is a right triangle. Examples are 3,4,5 and 5,12,13 and 7,24,25 and multiples of these.

How was the Bernuda triangle Formed?

The Bermuda Triangle doesn't actually exist as a triangle, any more than selecting three different locations on the surface of the Earth and calling them a triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is an area where (supposedly) strange things happen (but don't really), so I suppose the correct answer is: t (MORE)

How do you form 8 triangles from 6 sticks?

Use three sticks to form a triangle. Use the other three sticks to form an inverted triangle and place it on top of the first. You will have two large triangles and six small ones - eight triangles in all. The shape is also known as the Star of David.

Do the lengths 23 and 5 form triangle?

If you mean lengths 2, 3 and 5 then the answer is no because in order to construct a triangle the sum of its 2 smallest sides must be greater than its longest side

Is a triangle a kite?

No. A kite is a quadrilateral (4 sided figure) with two pairs ofadjacent sides of equal length; its diagonals are perpendicular. A triangle has 3 sides.