What type of power does a water heater use?

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Gas, oil,electric,solar and I have even seen Bio mass water heaters.
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What type of power plant uses water power?

\n. \nThis type of plant is called a hydro power plant. Nowadays such plants are almost always used to generate electricity. In the past, water wheels were often used to prod

Why does the water heater moan after use?

\nThis could either be due to the age or the materials used to make the water heater or the fact that the water heater has not been installed with vacuum breakers causing the

Where can the water heater use water from?

Any potable supply In reality, although the water heater can use a supply from any potable source, it is always better to have its' inlet connected to a water tank. There

Why do solar heaters use water?

Solar heaters are meant to heat the water for your house or in a pool, so you need water to heat it! The water runs through a system where it is put onto the roof of your hous