What type of wave is a radio wave?

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A radio wave is an electromagnetic wave. It's a form of electromagnetic radiation.

The term "radio" is the name given to a part of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves that is used for radio and television broadcasting, mobile phones, terrestrial and satellite wireless communications networks, etc.

The whole wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves has frequencies (and wavelengths) ranging from "audio" to "radio" to "infrared" to "visual light" to "X-Rays", and beyond to "gamma rays" at the very top end of the spectrum.
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What type of waves are radio waves?

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves and are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Other electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic spectrum are microwaves, visible light

What two types of waves are radio waves and gamma rays?

Radio waves and visible light from the Sun are just two types ofelectromagnetic radiation. Other types include gamma rays , X rays , ultraviolet waves ,infrared waves ,and mic

Are microwaves a type of radio wave?

Microwaves are a frequency of electromagnetic radiation. It has a higher frequency than radio waves, but has a lower frequency than infrared light.