What will happen if global warming continues?

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Many things can happen if Global Warming continues:
  • Heat waves and the resulting deaths
  • Loss of crops and the resulting famines
  • Glaciers and the ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica melting and the resulting flooding of coastal lands, cities, and low-lying countries
  • Increased and more savage storm activity, especially coastal storms, high tides, and storm surges with the resulting threats of salt-water flooding of croplands and erosion
  • Loss of habitat for all kinds of bird, insect, marine, and animal life, including man, with the resulting need to move, adapt, or die.

Countries will get warmer and many areas now used for growing crops will become desert. Sea levels will rise and many low lying areas will be flooded. Millions of people all over the world will become refugees, desperately seeking new homes and new lands where they can have food and water.

The IPCC 2007 syntheses report projects a number of both positive and negative impacts associated with climate change and sea level rise. These are summarized in the "IPCC Impacts of Climate Change" link in the related links section.
  • Many island nations, such as Bangladesh and other continental low lying areas will be inundated by a rising sea, displacing millions of people, and creating a global refugee crisis.
  • Disruptions to climatic systems like the thermohaline circulation (ocean currents) may cause cooling and drying in some locations. For example, the Gulf Stream which keeps Europe warm and habitable may stop, as has happened in the past, resulting in a return of now balmy European climate to something similar to Siberia.
  • An advance of tropical diseases into higher latitudes. Diseases like malaria are spread by warm loving mosquitoes, which can migrate further in a warmer climate, and may result in world wide pandemics.
  • Acidification of the oceans associated with increases CO2 in the atmosphere may result in a massive die off of fish and other marine life, resulting in global ecological collapse and massive depletion of crucial food stocks.
  • Agricultural land which now grows crops will become desert, forcing millions of people to seek food elsewhere.
  • Sources of water for agricultural and domestic use will dry up.
  • The economies of many countries will collapse.
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