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Andorra is a very small landlocked European country located in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. It has a population of about 84,500

Its area is 468 sq. km. (180 sq. mi.), making it about half the size of New York City and smaller than many other North American cities.

Andorra was made famous in the 1960s by peace activist and folk singer Pete Seeger, who wrote a song commemorating the fact that Andorra's national defence budget amounted to only four dollars and ninety cents.
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Where is Andorra?

Andorra is a country, located between France and Spain in theeastern Pyrenees.

What is Andorra?

Andorra is a tiny country in the mountains between Spain and France

What latitude and longitude degrees is Andorra located on between Spain and France?

The latitude and longitude of Andorra is 42ºN and 1º 30' E respectively. It is located in southwestern Europe and lies between France and Spain. The total area is 2Â

What are the locations of Andorra France Gibraltar Morocco and Portugal?

The Principality of Andorra has a latitude and longitude of 42 degrees North and 1 degree 30 minutes North . It's located in southwest Europe between France and Spain. Fr

Andorra is located between which two famous European countries?

Andorra is a small European country in the continent's southwest. It is a landlocked country, bordered by the countries of Spain to the south and west, and France to the north
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What is the history of Andorra?

France and the bishop of Urgel held joint sovereignty over Andorra from 1278 to 1993. Voters chose to adopt a parliamentary system March 14,1993, although co-princes remain he