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Wisconsin has Lake Michigan as its eastern border. On the southern border is Illinois. The northern border is Lake Superior and northern Michigan. The western border is Minnesota and Iowa.
Wisconsin is in the United States - in the Midwest. It borders Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan. It is also part of the Great Lakes region, bordering Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

See link below for Wisconsin's location relative to the US.
Wisconsin is located in the mid-western region.
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Where is freedom Wisconsin?

Freedom, Wisconsin is located in the United States. The town islocated in Outagamie county. As of 2014, the population is 5,842.

How to get pardoned in Wisconsin?

To be pardoned in Wisconsin you will need to fill out a formoutlining your conviction, why it should be expunged, and willgenerally make this case in front of a judge. It make

What is On Wisconsin?

\n. \nOne of the most famous school fight songs ever written.\n. \nIt's the fight song for the University of Wisconsin's football team. Its lyrics are:\n. \n On, Wisconsin!

What is Wisconsin?

A north-central US State that border Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and also shares borders with Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota.

Why is Wisconsin called Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is an English spelling of "Ouisconsin", itself a French version of "Mesconsing", a Miami Indian name for what is now called the Wisconsin River. Roughly translated

What is a Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is not an object; it is one of the states in the USA, North America.

Are there badgers in Wisconsin?

Of course not. Wisconsin is cause The Badger State because there are no badgers whatsoever in the state.yes there are , the 1st person who answered was wrong , then why would

Is there a Wisconsin Wisconsin?

No, there is no Wisconsin, Wisconsin. Although, there is a Wisconsin Dells, WI and there is also a Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

Where is Wisconsin Child Support located?

Wisconsin Child Support may be contacted at 201 East Washington Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin. They may also be contacted by phone on 608-267-3905. Also, you can find driving dir

Where is Wisconsin on the map of the US?

Wisconsin is located in thenorth-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakesregions. Wisconsin is bordered by Minnesota to the west, Iowa tothe southwest, Illinois t