Where is the Balkan Penninsula?

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The Balkan Penninsula is actaully Greece. Greece is located in Europe by the Adriatic & Medditeranean Sea.

Hope this comes out handy, from what i learned in social studies! (:

Who are the balkans?

The Balkans are are a vast peninsula in south-east Europe. The word also refers to the region and the countries in it. Please see the link below.

Where is the balkans?

The Balkans (or the Balkan Peninsula) is located in Southeastern Europe.

Is Italy a penninsula?

Italy is indeed a penninsula.A peninsula is a a piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides. The state of Florida is also a penninsuls.For more information check

Where is the baja penninsula?

The Baja peninsula lies directly below the US states of California and Arizona. It is bordered by the Gulf of California to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is

What is the definition of penninsula?

A peninsula is a piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides, but connected to a mainland by an isthmus on one side. Other land formations such as headlands, cape

What is an example of a penninsula?

A penninsula is a peice of land that has sea at 3 sides eg north, west, east but connected by land at a side eg south headlands and spits are common examples so spurn point is

Is Germany a penninsula?

No, Germany is an inner country, being bathed by the Baltic Sea in the extreme Northern region.

Is Michigan a penninsula?

Yes. Michigan is made of an upper and lower peninsula. The lower peninsula is known to resemble a mitten and attaches to Ohio. The upper peninsula is attached to Wisconsin. At

Where is the Yucatan penninsula?

The Yucatan peninsula is located on the southern end of Mexico on the Caribbean side. It has a tropical climate with lots of charm. The capital of the State of Yucatan is Meri

Is California a penninsula?

There are two Californias: the US state of California (capital: Sacramento) and the Mexican state and peninsula known as Baja California.