Where is the Mississippi dlta located in Mississippi?

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The Mississippi River delta is in Louisiana, not Mississippi. It is in the peninsula in the southern part of the state that sticks out into the Gulf of Mexico.

The above answer refers to the actual river mouth delta, however the term "Mississippi delta" also refers to the alluvial floodplain region of the state of Mississippi that is famous as the birthplace of the style of music called "Mississippi Delta Blues", or simply "the Blues". The region occupies roughly the northwestern quadrant of the state.
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Who was Mississippi?

Mississippi wasn't a person be an Indian word. The native American (Indian) name meant "Father of Waters" and comes from Chippewas words "mici zibi" which means "great river"

What is in Mississippi?

Fertile soil. Abundant water. Poverty. A history of racial injustice and violence. A bright future.

Where is the location of Mississippi?

Originating in Minnesota, it flows south about 2,300 miles to the Mississippi River Delta, located between Louisiana and Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico.

What can you do in Mississippi?

There are many things that people can do while in Mississippi,including visiting museums. People can also go shopping, go to themovies, and hang out with friends.

Where is Mississippi from?

The Mississippi River rises out of Lake Itasca in northernMinnesota and flows southward for 2,320 miles to the MississippiRiver Delta at the Gulf of Mexico.

What was the Mississippi?

The Mississippi refers to theMississippi River. It is a major river in North America. The riverrises out of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota and flows southwardfor 2,320 mile