Where is the only other inland salt water lake besides the great salt lake?

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The Salton Sea, in southern California.
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Why is the great salt lake the only salted lake?

The Great Salt Lake is not the only saltwater lake. Other saltwater lakes include the Aral Sea, Lake Balkhash, Lake Bororia, Lake Bonney, Lake Buchanan, Cards Pond, Lake Chew

Is all great lakes salt water?

Not all "great" lakes are salt water. In fact, the Great Lakes on eastern North America and the separate Great Lakes of East Africa are freshwater. The Great Lakes of North Am

Where is the Great Salt Lake and how is it different from other lakes?

1. The coordinates of Great Salt Lake are: 41010' North and 112035' West (North America, United States, Utah). 2. This lake has a very great salinity because it has no outl