Which of the following is not a factor that influences the rate of diffusion?

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Cellular repiration
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What internal and external factors influence pay rates?

- supply and demand for labour - business' ability to pay - awards / promotions - rates paid by competitors - individual job performance and/or potential - job content and classification - nature and usage of the overall compensation package - relationship of pay rates to workforce planning - freque (MORE)

What social and enviromental factors do you believe influence the crime rate?

theres isn't a simple answer to this type of question. Not only are there soical and enviormental factors but prerequiste which can influence these factors themselves. in regards to social there could be a political change resulting in disruption of the police force which can be seen from countles (MORE)

What factors influence respiratory rate?

Answer . Respiratory rate is influenced by almost everything, anatomically and environmentally. Anatomical causes of respiratory rate changes are ailments such as copd (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) asthma, airway obstructions, diabetic coma or shock, congestive heart failure (back up o (MORE)

What factors influence the rate of photosynthesis?

Major factors-: Light intensity : Generally, more light intensity results in swifter photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide concentration : More levels result in a bigger rate. This is usually the rate-limiting step in natural settings. Temperature : Like all chemical reactions, lower temperat (MORE)

Rate of diffusion?

rate of diffusion depends on the concentration gradient, surface area, distance over which diffusion takes place, size and nature of the diffusing molecule.

What are the factors affecting the rate of diffusion?

Factors Affecting the Rate of Diffusion . Size . Small molecules can slip by the polar heads of the phospholipidsand through the membrane to the other side. Oxygen gas, carbondioxide and water can move in this manner. Very large moleculeslike proteins cannot diffuse across the membrane at all. (MORE)

What factors influence heart rate?

Factors that increase HR are called positive chronotropic and those decreasing HR are negative chronotropic factors. Emotional and physical factors as well. Chemicals normally present in the blood and other body fluids may influence heart rate. Hormones (epinephrine, Thyroxine) , Ions, age, gender, (MORE)

What kinds of factors can influence wage rates in a given industry?

supply and demand for labour - business' ability to pay - awards / promotions - rates paid by competitors - individual job performance and/or potential - job content and classification - nature and usage of the overall compensation package - relationship of pay rates to workforce plann (MORE)

Factors influence rate of diffusion through cell membrane?

Factors that influence rate of diffusion . The rate of diffusion depends on the concentration difference across the two sides of the membrane. . The rate depends on the permeability of the plasma membrane to the diffusing substance. . The rate of diffusion depends on the temperature of the soluti (MORE)

What physical factors influence respiratory rate?

aerobic respiration - amount of excersize that is being performed will increase the rate of respiration as more energy is needed therefore increasing respiration to produce energy from glucose... however when not enough oxygen is being transported to the muscles, the muscles begin the process of ana (MORE)

What are the factors that influence that rate of reaction?

\nA generic rate of reaction equation is\n. \nrate=k[A], where k is the rate constant, [A] is the concentration of some reactant A. Just looking at this, we see the rate will be influenced by the [A]. The more you have, the faster the rate, and vice versa.\n. \nrates are "things" over time. So (MORE)

What factors can influence heart rate?

There are several things that can affect the heart rate. Exercise makes your blood pressure/ heart rate to rise because the heart has to pump blood faster. If you get scared or uncomfortable that can affect your heart rate.

What three factors affect the rate of diffusion?

Diffusion refers to the process where substances from a highlyconcentrated area move to a place with a lower concentration. Thethree factors that affect the rate of diffusion are temperature,concentration gradient and the molecular weight of the substances.

What factors influence sweat rates?

heat . asthma(not sure) . humidity . excess sweat glands . spicy food-curry makes you sweat . nervous- you get really nervous and start to sweat crazy- tension

What influences diffusion?

Diffusion is a type of passive transport. The factors thatinfluence diffusion include: concentration gradient, size ofmolecule involved, distance the molecule has to travel,temperature, solubility of the molecule and surface area.

Factors affecting rate of diffusion in chemistry?

Temperature is the most important variable factor affectingdiffusion in chemistry. The other factors impacting would be theconcentration difference, diffusion difference, and the diffusingand host materials.

What are factors that influence the rate and depth of breathing?

Several factors can affect respiratory rate and depth. Two of these are strong emotions, as well as pain acting through the limbic system, which activate sympathetic centers in the hypothalamus. Other factors are fever, labor, fear, anger, happiness, running, sleeping, yoga , meditation, and condi (MORE)

What factors influence reaction rate?

It definitely depends on the reaction; however, generically speaking, concentration and temperature come into play as well as the presence of a catalyst. Concentration of reactants and time; also: order of reaction, type of reaction, temperature, pressure, stirring, added catalyst, the type of solv (MORE)

What are the factors that influence birth and death rate?

Birth Rate - Changes in the position of women. More women go out to get jobs instead of being housewives or having children - Being financially stable - Adoption, no need to give birth Death Rate - Changes in attitudes towards abortion - Secularisation - Better healthcare so babies or children don (MORE)

What is diffusion and what increases the rate of diffusion?

diffusion is the transefer of said product from high to low concentration on the outside of the organism. e.g when in water skin wrinkles as their is water outside and water diffuses from your skin to the water outside as it has a higher concentration of molecules. You can increase diffusion b (MORE)

What factors influence birth rates and fertility rates?

Birth Rate: The birth rate of a society refers to the number of births per 1,000 people in that society. This figure is expressed as the crude birth rate (CBR) and is calculated without consideration of the sex or age of the population. Death Rate: The death rate of a society is figured in the same (MORE)

What factor can influence heart rate?

The Heart rate can increase if you do a lot of sports. But that for a limited time. Depression, Stress, Pressure and Fatigue can cause the heart rate to get imbalanced. Things like smoking and drinking Alcohol also can destroy lungs and block the passage of blood to the heart causing the heart rate (MORE)