Which planet roughly the same size of earth has its own atmosphere?

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Why does the Earth have an atmosphere while other planets do not?

Answer . The truth is, the other planets DO have atmospheres. Planets other than Earth have gases surrounding the planet just like we do here. However, the types and/or quantities of gases in the atmospheres of other planets are simply not capable of supporting life like Earth is for one reason or (MORE)

Which planet has the most similar atmosphere to Earth?

Venus Venus is sometimes regarded as Earth's sister planet. In some ways they are very similar: . Venus is only slightly smaller than Earth (95% of Earth's diameter, 80% of Earth's mass). . Both have few craters indicating relatively young surfaces. . Their densities and chemical compositions (MORE)

How is the size of a planet related to the thickness of its atmosphere?

Mainly, the mass of a planet doesn't matter, considering manyplanets are made up of gas, and how in different situations,atmospheres can be destroyed (The Sun burnt off Mercury'sAtmosphere). However, in some cases, the planet can be in a goodsituation on the galaxic map, and have great conditions fo (MORE)

How is the size of the planet related to the thickness of its atmosphere?

The amount of gravitational pull helps determine the gases that can form an atmosphere around a large body in space. So the mass of an object also determines the density of these gases. Note that several factors come into effect for a large object to sustain their gases if present. For example, hott (MORE)

What is the atmosphere on planet earth?

This comprises the following layers: troposphere stratosphere mesosphere thermosphere exosphere The boundaries between them are: Tropopause Stratopause mesopause thermopause The composition of the atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, with small amounts of other g (MORE)

Would a smaller planet than earth with the same shape and size have more gravity?

If the planet is smaller, then it can't have the same size. If you assume that a smaller planet has the same density as Earth (and therefore less mass), its surface gravity will be smaller. If you assume that a smaller planet has the same mass as Earth (and therefore more density), its surface g (MORE)

Why is earth only planet with an atmosphere?

Earth is not the only planet with atmosphere, lets take Jupiter and you might of herd of the red spot well that's a hurricane and out of the red spot there is a very thick layer of cloud, and all planets have an atmosphere but not mercury or Pluto if you count it.

How would your planet earth be like with out atmosphere?

planet earth would be rocks, oil, nothing but pure dirt carbondioxide and that is not good for peoples health and we would alldie and never come back alive in this life time . [Carbon Dioxide is a gas so the planet would still have anatmosphere even if incapable of supporting much life - includingp (MORE)

What planets atmosphere is most like earths?

None of the planets in the solar system has an atmosphere much like Earth's, so it's kind of difficult to answer that. Mars is probably the best candidate, though it's much thinner.

Who owns the planet EARTH?

Nobody owns the Earth. One could say mankind owns the Earth, but this is not true. We share the Earth with many other creatures without which we could not survive. So no one owns the Earth, we are merely living on it's shell for a finite time. What we do with it in that time is up to us.

Does planet Saturn have an atmosphere like earth?

Saturn has an atmosphere, but it is not at all like Earth's. Earth has an atmosphere made mostly of nitrogen and oxygen. Dryair, i.e. not including water vapor, is about 78% Nitrogen, about21% Oxygen, and about 1% Argon. The amount of water vapor in theair varies considerably from often near zero i (MORE)

What is the atmosphere on your planet as earth?

Earth has an atmosphere of 78.08% Nitrogen and 20.95% Oxygen, with 0.93% Argon and 0.038% Carbon Dioxide. Around 1% of the atmosphere is water vapour, with traces of other gases such as Neon, Xenon and Carbon Monoxide.

Why earth is the only planet that has atmosphere?

Earth is not the only planet that has an atmosphere, it's just the only planet with an atmosphere that is capable of sustaining human life. Even the moon has an atmosphere! The gases in our atmosphere are uniquely combined in a way that is life sustaining, as opposed to mars, for example, which has (MORE)

What are the atmosphere on planet earth?

this is the following: Biosphere troposphere stratosphere mesosphere thermosphere ionosphere exosphere The boundaries between them are: Tropopause mesopause thermopause exopause

How is size of planet related to the thickness of its atmosphere?

There is no simple relationship, but the general tendency is thatmore massive planets have more gravitational attraction, and areable to maintain a denser atmosphere. The amount of atmosphere aplanet has may also depend on it closeness to the Sun / to theplanet's star, and to its evolutionary histor (MORE)