Which president is on one million dollar?

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The one-million dollar bill is not a real denomination of currency.
Its appears that the highest value ever sanctioned by the Federal Government has been $100,000. Even that was a very limited issue, printed for less than a month (between December 1934 and January 1935).
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How can I abbreviate one million dollars?

1,000,000 is abbreviated m. in proper English 1,000,000,000 would be bn. M is latin for 1,000 or French abbreviation for 1,000,000 or for Mega which actually means 1,000,000

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In one dollar bills. One million dollars is approximatley 4,300 inches and it weighs 2,200 pounds. The height and weight may vary as much as 10 percent if you have an older bi

What president would be on a one million dollar bill?

There is no one million dollar bill, nor any current likelihood that one will be introduced. The only reason people ask this question is that conservative Austrian School e