Who are the users of oxygen?

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All animals and plants. Plants use oxygen as well as carbon dioxide.
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What is a user?

someone how uses a device or any services device can be computer,cell phone ... A service can be A website Email provider ........

What is oxygenation?

refers to the process of adding oxygen to a medium such as water or BODY TISSUE

What is in oxygen?

Oxygen is an element, which means it's pure. So...the only thing in oxygen is oxygen

What are oxygenates?

Oxygenated are chemical compounds that contain oxygen as a part of their chemical structure. The term usually refers to oxygenated fuels. Oxygenates are usually employed

How is oxygen?

He is ok. Thanks for asking. I will tell him you are thinking about him.

What is oxygen for?

Answer 1 . Oxygen [O 2 ] is a chemical element which exists at normal temperatures and pressures as a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas.. It combines with many other

Who is a user?

A user is a the person who uses the computer and will have a user account there are 2 types of user account Local User And domain user a local user is an account created on

What is userization?

Userization is an economic model based on joint ownership. For the first time, this model has been proposed by Dr Andrej Poleev in his manuscript of the same title. Referenc
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Is a user or an user?

Proper grammar is to include a N prior to a word starting with avowel sound. 'User' has a hard U that sounds like a Y, andtherefore is a user . Conversely, 'hour' has a silen

What is oxygen-?

The official definition of the word oxygen is "a colorless,odorless reactive gas, the chemical element of atomic number 8 andthe life-supporting component of the air."