Who governs Portugal?

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A president named Cavaco Silva and the prime minister Jose Socrates

Jose Sócrates, from the Portuguese Socialist Party, its the Portuguese Prime-Minister.

The President is Cavaco Silva, from the Portuguese Social-Democracy Party

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Where does Portugals government live?

The Parliament is in São Bento's Palace The Prime-minister official residence is in a small palace nearby the parliament; The President's official residence is in Belém

Who is the head of state of the government in Portugal?

The head of state in Portugal is represented by the President (Presidente da República in Portuguese) currently is Anibal Cavaco Silva. The head of government, however, is

Where is Portugal government located?

Mainland government is in Lisbon. Madeira government is in Funchal. Azorean government is in Ponta Delgada (presidential), Angra do Heroísmo (judicial) and Horta (parliame

Where is the government headquarters of Portugal located?

The governing bodies of mainland Portugal are in Lisbon. The governing bodies of the Autonomous Region of Madeira are in Funchal. The governing bodies of the Autonomous Regio