Who is the charge of all charges of police station of the district?

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I'm thinking that you're asking "who is in charge of all of the police stations in the district?" The police chief. The hierarchy generally is as follows: there is normally a police chief, who is in charge of the entire police department. This includes all of the districts of that jurisdiction. The chief may run certain aspects of a police department while an assistant chief may run the other aspects of it, such as administration versus operations. An assistant chief of police may also be considered an inspector.

In a large city with several patrolling districts, there will be several police stations known as precincts, while in many cities of moderate size there may be only one or two police stations, known as districts. The main police station is known as headquarters. Police captains or majors often are in charge of each precinct or district. Lieutenants are often in charge of certain divisions of the police departments, such as the traffic, patrol, Detective, or other operations of that particular precinct. Sergeants and corporals are often in charge of a certain number of patrol officers or detectives in that district.
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What is the police charge of remaining after forbidden?

It is what most states call second degree trespassing. The following is a LA statute: . §63.3. Entry on or remaining in places or on land after being forbidden. A. No person shall without authority go into or upon or remain in or upon or attempt to go into or upon or remain in or upon any struc (MORE)

Does marijuana charges disqualify you from police jobs?

No. But you better not get in any more trouble because repeat offenses will ruin your chances. You just need to be able to pass lie detectors and drug screening that you have not used marijuana or other drugs and you do not have issues with addiction. Honesty will go far, police are human too.. It (MORE)

What do i do if I am charged with assaulting a police officer?

In most jurisdictions I am aware of that is a felony criminal act. You will be formally charged at a preliminary hearing and if the charge is sustained by the judge, you will need a good criminal attorney or, if you qualify, the court will appoint a public defender for you.

Is it a probation violation to have police contact but no charges?

If you weren't charged, probably not, unless you are a suspect in something. If I were you I would certainly tell my Probation Officer of the contact though. If nothing else, you'll get points with him for honesty.. Your probation rules state that if you have any police contact you have to report i (MORE)

What is the police charge for retail theft?

The actual wording of the charge can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction depending upon how the law is worded, and/or the dollar amount of the item(s) stolen. (i.e.- "Shoplifting" - "Retail Theft" - "Petit Larceny" - 'Grand Larceny" - etc)

How do you drop police charges?

Well, if the police aren't alive they can't press charges, can they? Hmm? I know a pretty good guy that could 'take care' of your police charges. You coud reach him at 570-905-2255. He doesn't charge as high as most others, but he gets the job done and more . . . Tell him Charlie J. refered you and (MORE)

How long can police keep you without charging you?

I believe it's 72 hours in the U.S. The Police may detain you for 48 hours w/o a warrant and 72 hours with a warrant. The perpetrator must be brought before a Judge within 72 hours to be formally advised of his rights and the charge(s) against them. Bond may or may not be set at that hearing, al (MORE)

How long do police have to charge you with a misdemeanor?

With just a very few exceptions, misdemeanor crimes must occur in an officers presence for an immediate 'summary' arrest. However, if the case is reported 'after-the-fact' and requires investigation, it can take as much time as the investigation requires. The state's statute of limitations would the (MORE)

How long do police have to charge you with a misdemeanor class a?

The police don't charge you, they arrest you. The prosecutor's office charges you. If you are in jail, you should appear in court anywhere within 24-48 hours. If you are awaiting an indictiment from a Grand Jury, they will hand down the indictment at their own speed.

Can all iPods be charged on all iPod docking stations?

It depends on the maker and model. For example, the Bose docking station fits all iPhones and iPods except the new iPod touch. You will need to buy an extender for that one. Some docks have trays that allows you to fit different iPod/iPhones whereas others do not have any trays. Best thing is to (MORE)

What is the charge for eluding a police officer?

If you are speaking of eluding them via motor vehicle; it depends on the laws of your particular state. In some states the charge is a criminal statute violation, in others it is a violation of DMV regulations.

What are the charges for filing a false police report?

Purposely, you'll be fired or suspended. Accidently nothing will happen except "Don't let it happen again",or "That's okay". thats not true my son was taken to the police station tonight and was arrested for it and he didnt lie but didnt tell the entire truth.

When station in-charge of police station does not register the case under 498A what can you do?

You have the below options. 1) Try to get the reason for not registering the complaint in written. 2) Approach SP of district. 3) Approach media. 4) Approach local heavyweights, NGOs, human rights activists, etc. 5) If any of the above does not work or you do not want to take these approac (MORE)

Can police pat you down without charging you?

A law enforcement officer may perform a 'pat down' on the outer clothing of an individual when performing a stop for investigation on the street, if the peace officer feels that their safety may be is in jeopardy. The officer may also perform a 'pat down' if he/she has reasonable suspicion of the (MORE)

Who is in charged of where a soldier is stationed?

Not sure I understand your question but I'll try to answer anyway. Where a soldier will be stationed is a function of Army personnel. Your local recruiter can give you a phone number. Once a soldier is assigned to a location the Commanding Officer is in charge.

Can police officers make you press charges?

No. Private individuals do not make the determination on whether or not criminal charges will be pursued. That authority rests with the prosecuting attorney's office. If you report a crime to the police, the police will investigate the crime, and make an arrest or citation as necessary. The file (MORE)

How can the police charge you with a felony without arresting you for it?

Not enough information is disclosed about the situation in order to answer. Define what you mean by "the police charging you ." The police can arrest you for an offense but they cannot bring charges, that is the prosecutors job. Perhaps they are forwarding the evidence of your criminal misconduct (MORE)

Can police charge you for perverting the course of justice?

The question becomes: WHAT does that charge actually mean in your state? Does it mean that you knowingly commited something such as: interfering with an investigation - harbored a fugitive - concealed evidence? Etc? All these things could be called "perversions" of justice." However, in other states (MORE)

Can the police charge you with promoting contraband after booking?

Of course they can. That is what promoting contraband is. If you have drugs stuffed in your anal cavity or anywhere else when you are in a detention facility you will be charged with promoting contraband. You can be charged by correction officers depending on where you live. . . Some jurisdictions m (MORE)

Is interfering with police a big charge?

Interfering with the police is not a crime. However, depending on the circumstances, you could be charged with, obstruction of justice, accessory or accomplice to the underlying crime, or something else. Charges do not have sizes.

How much time do police have to decide on a charge?

As long as you are not under arrest and/or in custody, there is no time limit on the decision as to what offense you might be charged with. Customarily law enforcement either knows in advance what they are arresting you for (e.g.: warrant), or they apprehend you on the scene, or shortly thereafter (MORE)

How long do police have to charge you with thief of a car?

The statute of limitations on grand theft auto is typically seven years. There is no limit if a homicide was involved. If the car was derelict or a toy car, the theft may be a misdemeanor. You haven't really given enough detail in your question. Please post your name, address, the make and model (MORE)

Do the police drop the charges of a runaway at 18?

Being a runaway is a "status offense," one that is in place because the offender is under the age of self-governance. On turning 18, the runaway would no longer be a runaway, and could not be arrested for such.

Who is in charge of a Police station?

Some large police departments have multiple stations and put Captains in charge to oversee and run individual stations. Smaller departments that only have one station have the highest rank (Chief) in charge of the station.

Who is in charge of the local police station UK?

Police station are managed by custody sergeants, who are in charge of the station and there booking in of detainees. Custody sergeants have the same powers and responsibilities as the sergeant rank, and are simply sergeants installed in stations; where responsibilities adapt to the needs of the Pol (MORE)

What are charging stations used for?

Charging stations are used for charging electric vehicles. They are usually located at gas stations or public places and allow one to plug in their car and pay for the charge.

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