Who lives in Nunavut?

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The population is about:

84% Inuit
15% Non-Aboriginal (mostly British or French ancestry)
1% Indian and Metis
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What animals live in nunavut?

A short but intense summer produces many small but brilliant flowers, including purple saxifrage, sedge, louseworts, fireweed, and wintergreen. Other common flowers in the sou

What do you call the people who live in Nunavut?

Aboriginal... well at least most of them are. More than 80% of people who live there are natives. [What a lousy answer someone gave. The questioner was not asking what raci

What do people who live in Nunavut do for fun?

Whatever everyone else does for fun. Use the Internet, Watch TV,Read, play outside, etc. Just because they're further up Northdoesn't mean that they're in the middle of nowher

Do polar bears live in Nunavut?

Yes. Nunavut is a Canadian Territory situated just outside of andin the Arctic circle, and is one of the places where polar bearscan be found in their natural habitat.