Who was the first scientist to theorize that planets move around the sun in elliptical orbits?

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Johannes Kepler
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What are the two factors that cause the planets to move elliptical orbits around the sun?

I am not sure about the second factor, but the first is gravity. Classically we would think of the planets taking a curved path through space, due to the force of gravity betw

What evidence do you have that planets move around the sun in an elliptical orbit?

That theory is supported by observation, and is predicted by other theory that is confirmed by both observation and experiment. 1). A system of planets moving around the

Who theorized that the moon the sun and the planets moved in a perfectly circular orbits around the earth?

The theory was officially written down by Plato, teacher of Aristotle, in 4th century B.C. Most ancient Greek astronomers followed the lead. The most recent well-known astrono

Which astronomer is credited as the first to theorize the planets orbit around the Sun?

Copernicus produced the first heliocentric theory in 1543. It usedcircles and epicycles, like the ancient Ptolemaic theory that hadthe Earth at the centre. Later after accurat