Why are gasoline vapors more flammable than liquid gasoline?

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Oxygen is required for gasoline to burn. There is far more oxygen in gasoline vapor than in liquid gasoline. This is why the flame is on top of a puddle of gas. Just the vapor is burning.
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Why does diesel cost more than gasoline?

Diesel costs more then gasoline because it uses more petroleum to make it. Also, diesel costs more then gasoline because it has about 20% more energy then the same amount of g

Is gasoline solid liquid gas or vapor?

Hahaha. Are you in my chemistry class? and I'm pretty sure it's not a solid, it's a liquid but not pure liquid, I'm sure it's not a vapor, because that's like steam and stuff.

Is gasoline liquid?

Gasoline can be a liquid and a gas, I am not sure about a solid though.

Is gasoline a liquid?

Yes. Americans will often refer to the liquid fuel gasoline as "gas" for short, which might be confusing to residents of other countries. It is often known outside the U.S. as

What is more flammable than gasoline?

The flammablilty of liquids is measured by flash point this is the minimum temperature in which a spark will ignite it. Gasoline which is a mixture has a flash point of around

Did gasoline is flammable?

yes gasoline is flammable. thats why if you have a car accident and you are still in the car and it chucks into the pumps then your car will ghet on fire. hope this helps i l
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Is gasoline not flammable?

Did you ever try to light it? Did you see the signs next to thegasoline pumps? They all indicate that it is very flammable.