Why do cats smell?

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They shouldn't smell bad. If they do, then it might be because their sick or they ate some bad food. If the smell is really strong you might want to take them to a veterinarian.
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Why do cats smell dogs doggy poo?

Because they are wondering "hey whats that?! *snifsnif* o my! another animal was here! who could it be? *sniff* smells like a dog! How dare he poo on my territory!". There ya

Why do cats smell awful sometimes when you pick them up there is a smell left on your hands?

Fur resuridination (rezz-oo-ar-din-ay-tch-on) is a process where the animals fur has a silky kind of oil on it, called resurdinant. (rezz-err-din-ant) The resurdinant (the oil

How do cats smell?

They use their very sensitive noses, but sometimes they will open their mouths slightly - almost to taste it the scent. It is unclear why cats do this, but one theory is to ge

Why does your cat smell you?

Because if they can sense maybe an unknown smell on you like if you've been outside, they want to find out what it is.

Why do cats smell citrus fruits?

The fact that cats hate the smell of citrus is well known. However, this doesn't apply to all cats, and some seem to be fascinated by the sharp smell. The strong, sharp smell

Why does my cat smell?

Your cat may smell because it is in need of a good grooming. He orshe could also be ill. You should take your cat to yourveterinarian so that a cause for the smell can be dete