Why do men have Adam's apples?

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Actually, both males and females have Adam's apples (which is just the thyroid cartilage). The only difference is that men's thyroid cartilages are more pronounced so they can be easily seen, but to find it on a woman you would have to feel for it. Adam's AppleMen have an Adam's apple because their larynx (also called the "voice-box"), which contains the vocal cords is larger in men than in women. It is actually the thyroid cartilage, which makes up a part of the larynx, that protrudes from the front of the neck forming the familiar "Adam's apple.'
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What was the Adam's apple named after?

the Adams apple is named as so because biblicaly in the story of Adam and eve when Adam ate the apple some of it got stuck down his throat so all men hav a ball in there throat known as the larynx and if you touch it, it feels like an apple so that is why its called that hope i helped

What is the job of the Adam's Apple?

The human larynx rests in a frame of cartilage bound by ligaments and muscles. At the front is the thyroid cartilage, creating the lump at the front of the neck, known as the laryngeal prominence or more commonly as the Adam's apple. Regarding the etymology of the term "Adam's apple", Webster's 19 (MORE)

Was Adam's sin eating an apple?

It was Eve who first sinned by eating a fruit (often called anapple) from the tree of knowledge (it was Satan in the form of aserpent that convinced her to take the fruit God had told her notto), thus opening her mind to the knowledge of good and evil, thenshe gave the fruit to Adam who ate it also (MORE)

What is your Adam's Apple?

Answer . The slight projection at the front of the throat formed by the largest cartilage of the larynx, usually more prominent in men than in women.. [Ultimately translation of French pomme d'Adam , pomegranate, Adam's apple (sense influenced by Arabic rummāna , pomegranate, Adam's apple) (MORE)

What is the purpose of the Adam's apple?

Its the cartilage over top of your larynx (voice box). The bigger it is, the deeper your voice will be usually. Women have them but they are no pronounced because they don't have deep voices usually.

Relationship between Adam's apple and penis size?

There isn't any direct correlation between Adam's apple and penis size. However, an Adam's apple is considered sexy by a lot of people and is even a common fetish that some women (and men!) have, likely because it is perceived as an inherently and profoundly masculine characteristic--and usually mea (MORE)

Where does the phrase Adam's apple come from?

While Adam was eating the apple that Eve had given him, he heard the steps of God approaching. Frightened, he gulped down the apple which got stuck in his throat, causing this slight projection at the front of the throat. Since then, this is visible in man.

Do women have Adam's apples?

Women do have Adam's apples, but they are less noticeable than aman's. Yes, they do have Adam's apple because it says that it is at the lump the front of a person's neck by cartilage in the throat. It's not common, but some women do. Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has one. The Adam's apple is rea (MORE)

Why do some men have a more pronounced Adam's apple than others?

Some men have no visible Adam's apple, while other men have a very large, prominent one. The difference has to do with genes. In general, but not always, a larger Adam's apple results in a deeper voice. The apparent size of the Adam's apple can also relate to how thin or fat a man is.

Could you strain your Adam's apple?

im a girl and i don't have an Adams apple but im studying to become a surgeon and depending on how ld you are it might be puberty or a sore thrat talk to your doctor

How did the voicebox of the throat come to be called an Adam's apple?

This term comes from the Christian religion, wherein there is a story of Adam and Even in the garden of eden. Eve eats from the tree of knowledge, a fruit called an apple, and shares it with Adam. As Adam takes a bite, God comes down and casts them out of the garden because they were told never to e (MORE)

Why is the larynx called Adam's apple?

Larynx is also called Adam's apple, because it mostly resembles like a the Adam's apple which is mentioned in Bible , a round-kind structure, which Adam ate. This Adam's apple appear in both girls and boys but in boys they grow more at the time of puberty.... thank you

Why is the Adams apple called Adam's apple?

Because in the story of the garden when Adam ate the forbidden fruit apple it got stuck in his throat. All my life I have heard the same explanation for why the "Adam's apple" is called that. Supposedly the phrase originated in the Middle Ages. There is no scriptural basis for calling it that. (MORE)

What is the medical term meaning Adam's apple?

The "Adam's apple" is another name for the thyroidcartilage , a piece of hard tissue that covers part of thewindpipe. The scientific name is Prominentia Laryngae. It basically meansprominence in the larynx or laryngeal prominence. The larynx isbigger in males because testosterone causes growth of (MORE)

Why do men have an Adam's apple according to the Bible?

The Bible does not give a reason for the existence of the Adam's apple. If a relation to the Bible is desired, some people say - more tongue in cheek than serious - that Adam immediately felt guilty upon biting the apple and a piece of it got stuck in his throat and all men henceforth have had this (MORE)

Why are boy's Adam's apples more prominent than girls?

Unknown . A prominent laryngeal prominence (Adams apple) is usually considered a male secondary sex characteristic However there is no scientific basis for this theory. because only some males have large laryngeal prominence and there are many women who also have them..

What is Adam's apple for?

An Adam's apple is part of the larynx or voice box. When going through puberty, hormones cause the larynx to grow rapidly. Along with the bulge in the neck, the voice becomes deeper. And it's when Adam swallowed a apple and it got jammed in his throat.

Why don't women have Adam's apples?

They do have Adam's apples, they're just not at pronounced as men's Adam's apples. Hope this information is helpful :) When the larynx grows larger during puberty, it sticks out at the front of the throat. This is what's called an Adam's apple. Everyone's larynx grows during puberty, but a girl's la (MORE)

Can you see a 5 year olds Adam's apple?

YES!! In x-rays!! Or in my sis. Adems appel I can se herees. E-MAIL me at kperez1997@gmail.com If I am WRONG or have a question.. Sorces: GOOGLE.COM. YES!! In x-rays!! Or in my sis. Adems appel I can se herees. E-MAIL me at kperez1997@gmail.com If I am WRONG or have a question.. Sorces: GOOGLE. (MORE)

How do you get an Adam's apple?

You only get it if you are a man. The Adam's apple appears when the thyroid cartilage in your neck increases in size. This occurs due to the effects of testosterone, and is associated with male puberty. The thyroid cartilage increases in size to allow the vocal cords underneath to lengthen, which is (MORE)

What age do men get Adam's apples?

Men are born with A"dam's Apples" which is just another name for the Larynx also called the "Voice Box." During puberty the voice box enlarges and this results in the sound of a boy's voice becoming deeper. This is often described as a boy's voice "breaking" as it changes from the higher pitched voi (MORE)

Why does the Adam's apple on men stick out more?

because Adam, the first man on earth, had an abnormally large Adam's apple and so he passed it on to future generations which is why the Adam's apple in today's day in age is larger on men than women. Because men have lower voices than women do their Adam's apple sticks out more.

In Adam's shoes would you have eaten the apple?

No , I don't think that in Adam's shoes I would have eaten the apple. But then I'm looking at the situation in terms of who's doing the offering and what's being offered. God had a proven track record with Adam. For example, Adam was provided with a place to live, a job to hold down, and company to (MORE)

Which gland in human body is called as Adam's apple?

It's not a gland I'm afraid. Its a protrusion from the cartilage surrounding the larynx (your voicebox) called the laryngeal prominence. It grows larger in males during puberty, hence the sexual dichotomy.

Why do males have an Adam's apple and not females?

Both males and females have a thyroid cartilage in the front oftheir throats. It is only because in males that it is moredeveloped, and larger, that makes it more apparent. That's the way humans are. It makes mens voices deeper.

Why don't girls have Adam's apple?

All humans, male and female have an "adam's apple", or laryngeal prominence. This prominence is much more protruding and visible in adult males because of the elongation of the thyroid cartilage during puberty.

Why do we have an Adam's apple?

Well, only men get Adams Apple but U don't get it when your still small age of when it happens depends on the person thing It's good cos so then when your on the phone you'll know if its and man or women. Even if U get it U really shouldn't be ashamed or anything as every man will get (the lump) it (MORE)

Why do we get an Adam's apple?

Men generally have a deeper voice than women and to accomodate for this difference, their voice box, which is referred to as the Adam's Apple in men, has more muscles in it, to produce a deeper sound, thus it is more prominent, whereas women have a soft voice, so their larynx does not have such feat (MORE)

Does an Adam's apple mean that a man's voice is done maturing?

No and yes. An Adams apple is just a term for the the bump on men's, teens, and some preteens throats. It develops when the boy or preteen goes through puberty. Some teens get and Adams apple then his voice deepens, for others its the other way around. I bet that sounded like I'm a doctor or a scien (MORE)

What happens if some men don't have an Adam's Apple?

The Adam's apple is just the visualization of the thyroid cartilage. It occurs in men because the larynx enlarges during puberty. This is also why a man's voice is lower than a woman's. If a boy is going through puberty and his larynx doesn't lengthen, or if it doesn't lengthen much, he may not deve (MORE)

What is an Adam's Apple who has it?

An Adam's Apple is not an organ or gland, as many assume; it's merely a protuberance (bump) on the throat caused by the largest cartilage of the larynx. It is not, as often stated, unique to men. However, when boys go through puberty their voice box shifts (and their voice gets deeper), which tends (MORE)

Is the Adam's Apple an inherited trait?

The Adam's Apple is the common name of the laryngeal prominence in the neck caused by the larynx and associated structures in the neck. All people have this, men have more prominence than women since the size of their vocal cords are bigger with their deeper voices after puberty. Its inherited featu (MORE)

How do you open the brain teaser called Adam's Apple?

Look at left and right sides/ends of the apple. You'll see a small circle on each end. That's a post that goes through the apple. Each end of that post has a 'lip', similar to the 'head of a pin', keeping the pieces from sliding off. There's a split in each end of that post, enabling you to squeeze (MORE)

Does Adam's apple growth hurt?

Adam's apple growth is common in hilly area. There is shortage of iodine (Sodium or potassium iodide.) in there diet. There is growth of thyroid gland in order to trap the available iodine in the water. This growth does not hurt normally but disfigure the person, usually a poor lady from developing (MORE)