Why does blue and red make purple in paint but not with light?

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Actually blue and red don't make purple.

You can test this out yourself by mixing any blue and red paint. The result will--at best--be a muddy purple, certainly nothing like the purple we all know and love. The color wheels and color mixing methods most of us learned in school are incorrect. Red, blue, and yellow are not primary colors. The true primary colors are Magenta, Cyan, and yellow. That's why your printer takes those colors. If the primary colors were red, blue and yellow, those would be the colors your printer uses. Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow are called the subtractive primaries, because you start with white, and subtract portions of the light spectrum, until you reach black. So for instance, you start with a white piece of paper (the full spectrum is being reflected), and add magenta paint. You have now subtracted the green portion of the spectrum, which is absorbed by the magenta paint, and reflected the remainder of the spectrum, which we perceive as the color magenta.

The secondary colors in subtractive color mixing are red, blue, and green.

Magenta + cyan = blue
Cyan + yellow = green
magenta + yellow = red
all three = black

Now before I explain why light is different, you should know that there is no such thing as perfect primaries in paint, ink, dye, and other subtractive pigment based colors. What works in theory, does not work as well in practice. The biggest problem is that there are no primary pigments that can actually absorb all the spectrum, so you can never get dark black and good shades of colors. So that's why printers also have a black ink cartridge. Also, it's hard to find a good magenta, and cyan is not labeled as such in most artist colors.

To understand light, it's important to know that your eyes only have three color receptors, called cones. We have red, blue, and green cones. So it can be said that the entire color spectrum can be broken up into three even segments of red, blue, and green light. All colors we see are made by stimulating the three cones in our retinas to varying degrees.

Now light color mixing is the additive process. You start from dark (no light) and gradually add portions of the spectrum. The additive primary colors are Red, blue, and green. These are the colors you have in your computer monitor, and your TV. And they are also used in theatrical stage lighting. So in this system, you start with a dark room (or a computer screen), and then you turn on a red light. When you do this, you are seeing 1/3 of the light spectrum. Turn on a green light, and you are seeing 2/3 of the spectrum, Turn on a blue light, and you have white light. This is why it's called the additive process.

In the additive system:
Red + blue = magenta
Blue + green = cyan
green + red = yellow.
all three = white light.

By the way, just like your printer has black ink to help with creating deep black and shades of colors, your eyes have rods, which only "see" dark and light. The rods are like the black cartridge in your computer.
It's a complicated subject.
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What color does purple and Blue make?

Purple is a secondary color made up of equal parts red and blue. Blue is a primary color. Mixing purple & blue would result in the tertiary color blue-purple.

What do the colors red orange yellow green blue and purple make?

One could say these colors make a rainbow, though this would not be entirely correct. Rainbow colors cover a continuous spectrum. When rainbow colors are names separately, they are usually listed as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. ----------- They make up the colors of the f (MORE)

Does Blue and Red make Purple?

That's what they taught you in elementary school, but it simply doesn't work. You will get at best a dull or dark purple. Magenta and cyan make purple when mixed in the right proportions. More magenta than cyan is needed. Paints labeled with these names are hard to come by, and especially with magen (MORE)

How much red blue do you mix for purple?

start with the drop of RED to make the amount of Purple you want. Then slowly add 2 drops of BLUE. Mix it up. If that shade of PURPLE isn't what you want, SLOWLY add 1 more drop of BLUE, mix again. See if you want that color of PURPLE. Add 1 drop at a time SLOWLY till you want the right shade of PUR (MORE)

How come if you mix red blue and yellow light you will get white light but when you mix red blue and yellow paint you get brown?

Red, yellow and blue paints are called subtractive primary colors, because they work by absorbing most of the light which strikes them except at their actual color. For example, if white light strikes blue paint, all of the colors except blue are largely absorbed while the blue component of the whit (MORE)

Why does mixing red green and blue light make white light?

White light is made up of a wide range of frequencies, representative of a glowing ball of gas at 6500K. Your eye has only three types of color receptors, so it can be fooled into seeing white light by only providing three colors of light.

If blue is for crips and red is for bloods what it purple for?

There is a Crip set called the Grape Street Watts Crips that wear the color purple, as well as blue, to show their affiliation to the Crips. There is also a gang in the Folk Nation called the Almighty Harrison Gents Nation, who wear the color purple, as well as black.

Does green and blue make purple?

Green and blue does not make purple. Red and blue make purple. Green and Blue make blue-green... red and blue make violet...purple is a shade of violet. Brown

Does blue and purple make black?

\nNo. It simply makes a bluish purple, with the exact color depending how much of each color was used. If you are trying to make black with paints, there are a few things you could possibly do. However, they include using all three primary colors or other colors derived form the primary colors.

What colours make light purple?

The most reasonable answer would be blue, red and white. I tried it out with standard colored pencils and sure enough, it came out light purple. Hope this helped!

What does red orange yellow green blue purple make?

It depends on whether or not the amount of each colour added is equal. If it is equal, it will result in black. If it is inequal, it can result in a variety of shades spanning from dark red to dark purple. More often than not, the mixing of all primary colours will result in either black or brown.

Blue plus red equals purple?

If they are paints the answer is purple. If they are lights the answer is greenish (need red plus cyan-blue light to get true green). .

How do you make light blue with paint?

Add blue and white paint and you will you have the color you want. It's always best to add blue to white rather than the other way around. Otherwise you may need enormous quantities of white to get the color as light as you want.

Why do blue and red and yellow light make white light?

It is Blue, Green and Red that produce white light. The Blue Yellow and Red is on paint mixing. The white light with all spectrum at same portion but human eye can sense the light only at 3 peak portion of spectrum Blue (420nm) Green (534nm) and Red (564nm). Our brain estimate color in between fr (MORE)

Why does green and purple make blue?

They don't. Green is a secondary colour derived by mixing the primary colours yellow and blue. Purple is a secondary colour derived by mixing the primary colours red and blue. If you could remove the yellow or red from the secondary colour you could get a blue, however in paint, it is not possib (MORE)

What color is red and blue paint?

Purple! Have a close look at the colour wheel. Let me explain what the colour wheel is. The colour wheel is all about the Primary Colours (colours you cannot make with other colours). The Primary Colours are Blue, Yellow and Red. Blue + Red = Purple Red + Yellow = Orange Yellow + Blue = Gree (MORE)

What color is best red blue purple?

These all three color are best in different different manners. Its depend on our self how and where using these colors. As an example If we are looking the dress for wedding dress then red and purple are best color specially for the women clothing but for the causal dress blue is always the best col (MORE)

Purple and brown make what color paint?

Depending on the mixes that are used: Mixing purple and brown paint will result in a color that is darker than either constituent color, and will vary over a range of : darker plum to darker brown. Related Information: There are many hues of purple, as is the case with brown, since both are (MORE)

Do red cows and blue cows make purple cows?

No they don't. Besides, two cows that mate cannot produce offspring. Either one or the other has to be a bull, not another cow. See, cow + bull = calf. Besides, blue cattle don't exist, if you're not including the blue roan colouration. If you are, then a blue-roan cow bred to a red bull would lik (MORE)

Is it possible for purple and red to make blue?

The short answer is, no. Blue is a primary colour and you can not mix to achieve a primary colour. Purple is a secondary colour made up by mixing equal parts red and blue. Theoretically if you could subtract a colour from purple, taking the red out of it would result in blue.

How do you make red out of pink yellow blue purple?

The short answer is, you can't. Red is a primary colour and you can not mix to achieve it. Pink is a mixture of red and white, yellow and blue are also primary colours and purple is a secondary colour achieved by mixing red and blue.

Why does blue light on a purple object appear blue?

The 'purple' of the object means that it's covered with a material ... paint, fabric, etc. ... that reflects some blue light and some red light, and absorbs all other colors. So ... if you hit it with red light, it looks red. If you hit it with blue light, it looks blue. And if you hit it with any (MORE)

What does purple orange and blue make?

Well, purple is a combination of red and blue. Orange is acombination of red and yellow. Blue is a primary color. I wouldassume these colors put together would make a brown or a black.

What does blue red and purple make?

If we're talking colors, basically just purple, because red + bluegives you purple, but depending on the quantities of each color,the shade or tint may vary.