Why does music have an effect on plants?

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No valid scientific evidence exists to show that music affects a plants growth.
No repeatable and controlled experiments have been carried out by any competent and qualified person.
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What Are The Effects Of Music?

Answer Music is the best thing in the world and nothing will evercompare to the things that music does to ones soul!!! NEVER!! I think classical is great for growth, but hard core rock brutallykills them. Research has shown that if you compare a musician's brain to thatof an average person, you wil (MORE)

Music effect in health of plants?

There have been proven scientific studies that happy, upbeat, even classical music do improve healthy growth of plants. It is also known that negative/ positive energy, ie mood, can have an effect on plants. If you are happy your plant will be happy. All things in nature respond to energy

Does a plant grow better with no music or music?

it depends on the music. if you're planning to play classical, it is proven that classical music (mozart, bach, beethoven) help plants grow. it you're planning to play rap, or something like that, no music would be better. =) IMPROVED ANSWER!-I just did this project this weekend and my results were (MORE)

What are the effects of music on people?

The effects of music can be different on every person and with every song. I am not just talking about if one person likes a certain song, but another doesn't, I'm talking about "What are the subliminal messages being sent though a song?" Music, like Hip hop, Rap, Rock, and ones of the likes of t (MORE)

The effects of music while you work?

Too many variables for this question to ever be answered definitively. Just think: first there is the type of music being listened to (and I think we can all agree that different types of music produce different effects on a person); then there are the variations in taste of the listeners (not to me (MORE)

What effects do downloads have on the music industry?

Illegal downloading of copyright music is reportedly hitting the industry very hard globally. This is due to the fact that revenue is not being collected against these sales for the production companies and the artist's concerned. Some prediction companies have embraced the downloading well by findi (MORE)

How does music effect the human body?

Music can have many effects on the human body. It can be used for things like drowning out unpleasant sounds and feelings to encouraging the release of tension. Some of the many effects that music can have on the human body are:. · Masks unpleasant feelings and sounds. · Affects the blood p (MORE)

What are the bad effects of classical music?

\nListening to classical music can occasionally trigger a thorough exploration of self and mind. A sudden sense of extreme, sometimes painful, awareness of the lack of quality in most popular music genres today and recognition (and often rejection) of the prostitution that we call free-market globa (MORE)

What are the side effects of music?

Side effects of Music (artificially created noises) 1. lake of concentration , ability to remember things decreases 2. energy wastage : for example when you listen epic songs , our vital calories burn & blood flow increases in muscles 3. psychological disorder : relaxing music tends you to be (MORE)

Does music effect animal behavior?

yes because their brains work different then ours. Sometimes if you play music extremely loud. Some dogs will sleep right through it, Others will bark. Others will walk in a circle.

What are the effects of music on teenagers?

teens are so easily influenced because they feel just because the rapper or someone does it that it is okay . well its not becasue sooner or later the effect will be a big one

What are the Negative effects of pop music?

Popular music has been said to effect the youth in our society today in some extreme ways. It is said to sway what they think, believe, encourages violence, drug abuse, immoral behavior, and can be sexually titillating. Popular music is effect our society today in drastic ways, especially in the lan (MORE)

What types of music effects on memory?

Many types of music affect memory it just depends in what you want it good or bad. If you want a good affect on on your memory you should listen to classical, country, and pop. These are the best music to improve memory because they help create the cells that make up other cells that help bring up y (MORE)

Positive effects of music?

Music can change your mood depending on the type. If you're feeling angry, try for some soothing music. Haley Westenra for example. Music is also gives the right effect or feeling in a movie. For example, imagine someone creeping towards a door, slowly turning the knob...what music would suit this? (MORE)

What are the effects of music on plants?

There are many different viewpoints on this. A selection of contributors' thoughts are included below. Answer 1: DOROTHY RETALLACK STUDY Many scientific studies have been done regarding the effects of music on plants. The simple answer is that past studies have suggested hard rock or heavy meta (MORE)

What are the effects of different music on dogs?

I actually did my Science project on this. It was found that the slow, piano music like Beethoven calmed my golden retriever and the fast GwenStafani Wind it Up really stressed him out. his heartbeat went from 40 beats per minute for Beethoven to over 85 beats per minute for the fast music. So, if y (MORE)

Does music effect your memmory?

i think yes but sometimes coz when u listen to really loud music you like kinda forgot everything coz you listen to that loyd music and ur mind is not stopping thinkin of that music.. i hope this helps. thnkz.

How does the music industry effect the society?

the type of society you live in will depend on the music been played or made.. e.g. if u leave in a "hood" in America, u r most likely to listen to rap music with lyrics or sex and violence

Does music effect your concentration?

it really depends on how focused you are on the work that your doing, for example, im doing a research paper on a very boring subject, i turn on my i pod and i seem to get it done with an A. i do a math test, the hardest i know of, turn on my i pod and i get distracted the entire time verdict, yes (MORE)

Does music effect concentration?

yes it does. Ahhh that really depends on the person....I always have music on when I am doing homework or whatever, because I cant concentrate without it, but some people find it very distracting so....xx

Does music have an effect on plant growth?

I had heard years ago about studies purporting that plants responded better to classical music than they did to rock music. The reality is, however, that no noticeable effect has been recorded in growth rates or characteristics of plants subjected to the same decibel levels of noise, whether the sou (MORE)

Does heavy metal or Rap music effect the growth of a plant?

Indeed heavy metal does. If you ever watched episode 23 of Mythbusters then you would know that there were noticeable differences in plant growth - especially for the plants that listened to heavy metal. Which in this case they "listened" to death metal music (which is undoubtedly one of the heavies (MORE)

Do different types of music have an effect on plant growth?

Many scientific studies have been done regarding whether or not music has an effect on plants and, if so, which music affects plants in which ways. Many studies have suggested hard rock or heavy metal music seems to have a detrimental effect on plant growth. There is a well-known study from th (MORE)

What effects has digital music on the music industry?

It has had several effects, first of all before people would sitdown and do nothing but listening to music, however nowadays peopleusually do something whilst listening to music in the background,for example exercising, or driving. Another effect is that sincethe digital sound has come out there has (MORE)

What is musical effect in music?

a good effect ? no or yes i say and its yes especially lady gaga music is good and kesha and david guetta an black eyed peas and shakira and beyonce and Florida and loada of other who i can't write otherwise i fill the page!

What are the effects of classical music on children?

Aside from exposing them to some of the greatest music ever written (in my opinion), I would unfortunately say nothing. There are rumors that having a child listen to classical music will make them "smarter," but this theory has no foundation whatsoever.

How music effects you while jogging?

It keeps a tempo and you unknowingly follow it, for novice runners,I recommend a little hip-hop, but not dubstep or anything like thatuntil you are experienced and can keep that kind of pace.

How does techno music effect the brain?

Techno music stimulates sections f the brain that are more dormantthan others, like all songs do, but in massive quantities. Unlesstechno is played in loud volumes, like most music, it will causeear damage and some brain damage, but in general techno music onlystimulates the mind, allowing you to ei (MORE)

Does music have an effect on homework?

Scientific studies have shown that listening to soft,instrumental music can help you to concentrate better -any other kind of music is just distracting.

What effect does slave music have on music of today?

Most modern music evolved from African Americans. Soul and folk evolved into many genres. It began with jazz and then to blues which went to rock. Themes from rock and jazz were used in early hip hop. Folk evolved into country over time. Pop takes elements from all music genres. In this way, slaves (MORE)

What effect does diegetic music have?

Diagetic means it's actually being heard in the scene itself by the characters, not just by those watching the production. So I suppose they'd react however you would if you heard that kind of music- creepy music might put them on edge, for example.

How does effect as music?

Music has many different effects on us. For example, rock music may make us mean and nasty. Or country music may make us feel at home, and classical music can makae us tired.lol:)

Does music effect a seed growth?

Yes, music does in fact effect seed growth. My friend Alyssa explored that world when we were in 5th grade. If you play the music loud and set the plant by the speaker when it vibrates it loosens the soil allowing the plant to grow

How does modern music effect music?

In the first place, the word is "affect" not "effect." In the second place, the question is too vague to be properly answered. Since modern music IS in point of fact music, it therefore does not actually affect music. The question is in essence asking how something affects itself.

What do different kinds of music effects plants growth because I'm having trouble with this homework asiment?

You may be having trouble with this particular HW assignment because there is not one speck of evidence showing that music affects plant growth in any way. This is one of those urban myths that have established themselves, something like the urban myth that we use only 10% of our brains. These thing (MORE)

What does the effect of pirating music have on the quality of music?

well, after having lost money, the record company is forced to reduce budgets on how many Cd's it can produce. it can also effect the quality of the music video or the quality of the rhythm in the background. overall the quality of music would go down once the industry starts to lose money from pira (MORE)