Why does the cactus have to live in the desert?

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Cacti are drought resistant - they can survive for weeks or months without water.
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Why can cactus live in the desert?

Cacti can live in the desert because, inside of the cactus there isa water system which stores water into the cactus from the ground.The roots are very long so they go deep into the ground to getwater. When explorers are in the desert they tear open a cactus toget water, but they had to be careful o (MORE)

How is a cactus plant adapted to living in its desert habitat?

A cactus is adapted to living in the desert because it has noleaves and a small surface area so it reduces the water loss and athick stem to store water in a drought. A cactus has very longroots to absorb water very quickly and spikes to stop animals fromeating it.

How do cactus adapt to the desert?

There are many ways in which the cacti plants have adapted to thedesert including needing less water to live. These cacti plantshave also developed very sharp needles to prevent animals fromtaking the water inside.

Why does cactus live in a desert?

Cactus can obtain the required amount of water from the desert ground unlike other plants. Therefore they are able to stay alive in that given ecosystem.

How do camels and cactus live in the deserts?

Camels drink lots of water and then can go without days with it. They feed on the desert grasses and cacti that live in the desert. The cacti and grass can survive, because of a waxy mixture on them, and when it does rain, they savour the water like camels. They are also the type of plant that is (MORE)

Is a cactus living?

Yes, a cactus is Living, like any other plant. Additionally - it grows and sprouts from a seed, and has roots like any other plant or flower

How is a cactus plant adapted to living in the desert?

It has spines on its stem to protect itself from the animals eating it. Also it can prevent lots of water going out from the leaf because less water comes out from the spines. It has stems to store water, and big root underground to absorb as much water as possible. I hope this can help you!!^^

Why can a cactus only live in the desert?

That is not true.. I lived in Mississippi and cactus grew there, even in the woods.We lived in the flat delta where it rained a lot and the groundcould get quite soggy and we had a cactus growing in our yard. Clarification: There are cactus species that are native to grasslands, the rainforest, (MORE)

How many cactus plants live in the desert?

It's difficult to account for how many cactus plants live in the desert. A census must take in private and public property. It also must cross borders from the United States of America into Mexico. There are many and it is practically impossible to tell the exact number.

What three adaptations allow a cactus to live in a desert?

One adaptation that's behind desert survival is a cactus' thick outer skin that keeps water, nutrient solutions, and energizing photosynthetic products inside. Another adaptation is a cactus' spreading, shallow, fibrous roots that quickly catch surface and soil moisture. Still another adaptation (MORE)

Why does a cactus live in the desert?

Cacti are (generally) found in deserts as they have adapted to survive in the desert environment. For example, they have a very low surface area compared to their volume to reduce water loss in the hot desert climate, and also have very large root systems which enable them to gather water from a lar (MORE)

Can a plant that lives in the desert like cactus survive in a rainforest?

There are some species of cactus that live in the rainforest.Generally, however, a cactus requires well drained, dry soilotherwise it developes root rot that usually kills the plant. Manyspecies of prickly pear cactus, however, can adapt to almost anybiome and could probably live in some areas of a (MORE)

Is a cactus a desert plant?

yes it is it has small needles that help it not to loose alot of water and to scare of preditors it stores the water in its hump

Why is the desert the only place the cactus can live?

Cactus's are thrifty plants that live in dry regions. They may not get much moisture where they live, but they manage to make the most of what they do get. Since the cactus's long roots lie close to the surface of the ground, they can catch water from desert rains. And since the roots have a cork (MORE)

How does a cactus plant die out in the desert?

Cacti may die of old age, disease, insect infestation (scale, etc.)lack of water, being eaten by animals such as javelina, beingcrushed by large animal hooves, human damage caused by off-roadersand ATVs, drowning during flooding, root rot caused by excessiverain, unusually cold weather, etc.

What herbivores that eat cactus live in the desert?

Most cacti are so well armed with spines than few animals will evenattempt to eat them. However, the prickly pear cactus is frequentlyused as food by rodents, hares, rabbits, javelina and deer as wellas a number of other animals.

Do Cactus Wren live in a desert region?

it lives in the desert but if an) enemy is coming it will hide in a tree or a cactus. the cactus wren's habitat is earth worms or any small Creator that stands in it's way. the bio me is a lake or a grassy-land area to hide from it's enemy this is called conclusiontion witch in scientific method mea (MORE)

How is a cactus adapted living in the desert?

The Cactus' roots are extremely long so that they can suck water up from far away and search for the water. They also have a shallow root system to absorb surface water when there is some rain (or even dew). The trunk of the Cactus is also a part of this as it acts as a storing place for the water (MORE)

How does a cactus help you survive in a desert?

Cactuses are thrifty plants that live in dry regions. They may not get much moisture where they live, but they manage to make the most of what they do get. Since the cactus's long roots lie close to the surface of the ground, they can catch water from desert rains. And since the roots have a cork-li (MORE)

How does cactus get water in the desert?

Many cacti have a dense, wide-spread network of roots just belowthe surface of the soil so that they can absorb water even from alight rainfall. Some have roots that go deep into the soil to findmoisture present there.

What adaptations does cactus have to desert?

1) Water, they can live with out water for months. 2)Fruit bats feed on their pollen from the flowers to help photosynthesis. 3) Wind helps to disperce seeds. They are like dandylions. Animals also eat their seed, and come out the other end.

Why are cactus formed on deserts?

Cactus remain in the desert because they can survive in harshenvironments. Cactus plants have the ability to collect all thewater they can get, and store it inside them for months on end. The" thorns " or " pricks " of the cactus, protect theplant from animals who might want to eat it. Cactus is for (MORE)

Can people eat desert cactus?

Most cacti are not edible. One that is would be some species of theprickly pear cactus. Some other cacti have toxins andhalucenogenics in their tissues that make them not edible.

How long does the Joshua cactus live in a desert?

There is no such thing as a "Joshua Cactus." There is, however, the Joshua tree which is a tree-like yucca found mainly in the Mojave Desert. It can live for hundreds of years and some specimens as old as 1000 years have been found.

Why does the cactus only live in the desert?

Cacti live in a variety of ecosystems and not just in deserts. Theyare found in grasslands and even in tropical jungles. Differentspecies have developed different adaptations to survive inparticular habitats