Why does water bubble up from ground after you water your tree?

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The ground drinks the water and air underneath the surface forces its way up.
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Why does water bubble up on a penny when you add drops of water to it?

The water bubbles up because of cohesion. Cohesion: the force of attraction that holds together a substance's molecules; cohesion is strongest in solids, weaker in liquids, a

Why does water bubble up on a penny?

Cohesion is the reason why water bubbles on a penny. The watermolecules are strong attracted to each other that they don't evenlyspread out.

How does the water get up the tree?

Water is carried up a tree through the xylem tissue in the process of Transpiration. Since there is constant evaporation coming from the leaves, it creates a continuous flow o
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Why does water rise up a tree?

Capillary action... In the same way that water is drawn up a narrowglass tube in the laboratory - so the sap gets drawn up the treetrunk by the same action.