Why does water go down the plughole a different way once you cross the equator?

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If you're looking to find out if the theory is true that it spins differently in the 2 hemispheres, it is true. In Uganda, right on the equator there was a demonstration of this gravity effect. They had a large funnel on each side of the line, about 20 ft away, and one right on the line. They poured water in, set a leaf on the water for visual aid, and stilled the water. When they released the hole in the bottom, the water spun opposite directions on the 2 sides. When they did the same test on the line itself, the water didn't spin at all. It dropped straight thru the hole. When the dish became just a tiny bit off center, the water began to spin. Only directly in the center of the equator did it not spin. Amazing!
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