Why does your pulse go quicker when you are near danger?

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To deliver more oxygen to your muscles in preparation for a flight or fight response.
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How do you get quicker?

to get faster you have to work on your footwork first and get you calfs strong..and also run sprints alot

Why is it dangerous for water to be near electricity?

Water may not be a conductor ofelectricity but when contaminants are present, it becomes a very good conductor. Pure water is very rare and can mostly only be found in labs, what you find as water most likely is contaminated and is a good conductor of electricity.. Having water (contaminated) close (MORE)

Is a pulse rate of 52 dangerous?

A normal heart rate is between 60 - 100 times per minuet. Sinus braydicardia is a heart rate below 60 BPM. A heart rate of 52 BPM may be dangerous but it depends on the underlying causes. Sinus braydicardia can be causes by: 1) Rest- it can occur during sleep 2) Sinus node disease- which cau (MORE)

Is there danger walking near deer?

There have been many videos on TV that show individuals beingattacked by Deer. They do have the strength and body weight to putconsiderable force behind their hooves and antlers. During themating season, the males can get very aggressive. So, yes there ispotential danger there.

How do you go through puberty quicker?

\n. \nUnfortunately, you cannot. You just have to take it as it comes, like everyone else did!\nYou could hit puberty much earlier than intended, just be grossly overweight. I do not believe you can speed this along, it is something you were born with, your body is born with an internal clock that (MORE)

What pulse rate would be considered dangerously low?

A Resting Heart Rate anywhere in the range of 60 - 90 is considered in the normal range. Your Heart Rate will fluctuate a lot depending on such factors as your activity level and stress level. If however, your pulse is consistently above 90, you should consult with your physician. This condition is (MORE)

What are the dangers of living near volcanoes?

before a volcano erupts it emitts poisonous gases which could add to polution or destroy crops and livelyhood. also before a volcanic eruption small tremors occur around the volcano which could also damade crops and livelyhood. when a volcano does erupt lava can be escaped from quickly and easily (MORE)

When a pulse is a 100 with no activity is that dangerous?

If you mean your resting heart rate is 100 then there are possibly negative health implications. See these links for what your resting heart rate should be taking your age into consideration: http://www.netfit.co.uk/fitness/test/resting-heart-rate.htm and http://btc.montana.edu/olympics/physiology/c (MORE)

How do you go up levels quicker on moshi monster?

u just beat the level and go to the next one.... that's how it usally works just play the daily challenge every day and make sure your monster is always happy and healthy, that's basically all you can do. Sorry.

Is there a pulse near the stomach?

In slim people, you will sometimes be able to see pulsations from the abdominal aorta. Other than that - no there are no arteries big enough to create a pulse through the abdominal wall.

Is a pulse rate of 45 while awake dangerous?

I would suggest a 12 lead ECG to check the rhythm. If the rythm is sinus bradycardia and asymptomatic then it's OK. If you stand up and then see the heart speeding up that means you are healthy. If not check it out more thoroughly. There are a lot of things that should be checked like the thyroid ho (MORE)

Why does you pulse rate go faster?

Your pulse rate increases when you exercise because your heart is pumping faster. Your heart is trying to provide your tissue with more oxygen as your muscles will require more oxygen when you're being active.

Is the air near a volcano dangerous?

As long as the volcano is not currently spewing lava or ash, then it should be find. If the volcano is active (and I mean active as in there is a rising plume of gas, ash, and/or lava, then yes it is very dangerous. The volcano is a basically spewing flaming rock, with produces large amounts of ca (MORE)

Is it quicker to go to America if you turned west side from ASIA?

Depends on where you start: For example, if you start from Saudi Arabia then yes, it would be Faster. But if you start from Japan then the distance would be about the same. But planes never go west because if any emergency happens, there is no sea for landing( but if they turn east, there are pl (MORE)

Why can you feel the pulse in the wrist neck and near the elbow?

The pulse can be felt most easily in these areas, because the artery is closest to the skin here. When the heart beats, blood is pushed through the arteries away from the heart and through these points (neck; carotid artery, wrist; brachial artery, elbow; antecubital space, and femoral and popliteal (MORE)

Why living near a volcano can be dangerous?

Living near a volcano is dangerous, because volcanoes can cause earthquakes, either severe or minor. The volcanoes can also erupt any moment, without warning. When it does erupt, it erupts hot magma(lava), ash, pumice, and also gives out poisonous gases. Volcanoes also can have gas leaks, which can (MORE)

Why is it dangerous for people near volcanoes?

Volcanoes are dangerous to people because: 1. Depending on how explosive the eruption is (which depends on the magma type), and depending on how close a city is to a volcano, the lava (which flows slowly) could burn and set things on fire. 2. The ash could block off the sun, destroying crops and (MORE)

Why is it dangerous living near volcanoes?

Volcanoes can erupt, generating lava flows, pyroclastic flows,mudflows, landslides, and falling ash. While most people imagineflowing rivers of lava when they think of volcanoes, lava is notthe greatest threat, mostly because it is fairly slow-moving.Pyroclastic flows are the greatest danger. These (MORE)

How can you go to sleep quicker?

When you get enough exercise, your body wants to go into a state of rest. So to answer your questions, I would do some exercise possibly an hour or 2 before your about to go to bed, then take a calming shower. Then go into bed without having the temptation to go onto your laptop, phone, or watch tv; (MORE)

Do tornadoes make species go away quicker?

Generally not. Tornadoes are generally to rare and too localized to have a significant affect on species. If a species is threatened by a tornado it is likely on the verge of extinction anyway.

Why does your pulse go up when your scared?

Your pulse goes up due to adrenaline in your body being pumped through your blood. It does this to keep up with the extra oxygen needed while your scared. This chemical reaction is called the "flight or fight" reaction in your body.