Why is a marathon 26.2 miles?

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Pheidippides (530 BC-490 BC), an Athenian herald, was sent to Sparta to request help when the Persians landed at Marathon, Greece. He ran 240 km (150 miles) in two days. He then ran the 40 km (25 miles) from the battlefield by the town of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC) with the word "Νενικήκαμεν" (Nenikékamen, 'We have won') - and died on the spot.
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Why is the London marathon 26.2 miles?

Because the standard distance of a marathon is 26.2 miles or 42.195 kilometers and all marathons that have international competition use that distance.

Why is the marathon 26.2 miles long?

The distance from the start of the Marathon to the finish at the stadium was established at the 1908 Olympic Games in London. The original distance of 25 miles was changed to

Why are marathons 26.2 miles?

It comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger. According to the legend he was sent from the battlefield of a place called Marathon to Athens to announce that the

Why is a marathon race 26.2 mi long?

The length of a marathon was not fixed at first, since the only important factor was that all athletes competed on the same course. The marathon races in the first few Olympic

A marathon runner ran the 26.2 miles Chicago marathon in 2.2 hours.Show that at least twice the runner was running at exactly 11mph?

The average speed is (approximately) 11.9 mph. Therefore, the maximum speed is greater than 11 mph. If we assume that the runner was stopped at the beginning and at the en

Why was the length of the Olympic marathon changed in 1908 from 26 miles to 26.2 miles?

The length of a marathon was not fixed in 1908. When London was awarded the games, the race was advertised as about 25 miles or 40 kilometres. When it was decided to start the

Why is a marathon 26.2 miles emphisis on the 2. why 2?

In modern times, the marathon began as a 25 -mile race. At the 1908 Olympic Games in London, an extra 1 mile 385 yards was added so that the race could finish in front of