Why is cooking rice irreversible?

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When the rice starch is hydrated, it loses the cohesion that holds the starch molecules of dry rice together after the hull of the grain is milled off or broken. The starches undergo a form of gelatinization. Cooked rice grains are swollen and soft, and will spoil more rapidly even if dehydrated again. They will harden and shrink if dried, but not to the original grain size.
When rice is pre-cooked to make "instant rice", it is steamed under high pressure that does not allow the grains to expand much while the starch is being hydrated.
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How do you cook rice in rice cooker?

Fill the cooker container with the dry rice and water. Then strain it and put it in the cooker and set to cook. once its done set it to warm.

Dry rice to cooked rice?

Add rice to rice cooker one cup at a time. Match that with water cup for cup press button to cook then let cycle. When cooker clicks back to warm let stand fir ten minutes the

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At first, it is added to boiling water, then simmered for between 25 and 45 minutes depending on what kind of rice it is.

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Please specify what you are directly referring to by stating "they". To cook rice, one must place the rice into water, and raise the temperature of the water to 100 degrees C

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