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the length is important because the length is one of basic measurement that we needed to use. so we are able to give an importance unto this measurement like length.
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What is most important when organizing a meeting agenda length of meeting or type of room?

Agenda every time! I would say the agenda is the most important and should be circulated prior to the meeting to allow those attending to add any additional points they wish to discuss. This will then allow you to work out roughly how long the meeting will last [if there is only one point on the agenda then it might not last very long!]. Also, by circulating the agenda, you can find out who will be able to attend so will be able to book a room as appropriate. !

What is length?

Mathematics uses the term lenght to name the measure ofone-dimensional objects the linear extent in space from one end to the other; the longestdimension of something that is fixed in place; "the length of thetable was 5 feet" ]

What is more important penis length or girth?

\nIf the tow rope is too short, it won't work and is dangerous.\n. \nIf the girth is too small, it might break.

What is an import?

An import is any good or service brought in from one country to another country for sale. This can be through many means of transportation for instance through a port, airport or postage. The buyer of such goods and services is referred to as an 'importer' who is based in the country of import, whereas the overseas based buyer is referred to as an 'exporter.' The buying of such goods and services can be referred to as a 'leakage' to a country's economic income, as it is where a country is spending money into a foreign country's economy.

What is the length of boundary?

To answer this question I would need more details. Being that thisis classified under plate tectonics I would need to know if you aretalking about divergent, convergent or transform boundaries.

What is the length of an acre?

Any length, so long as the area covered equals 43,560 square feet. It can be any shape as well.

What is more important when buying yarn the length or the weight?

When following a knitting or crochet pattern, the weight of the yarn is the most important part or your project. The weight of the yarn and needles used will determine your gauge as stated in your pattern. This assures you that the pattern you are working on will turn out as it suppose to.

What is proper length?

Proper length in physics is the invariant measure of a distancebetween to separated events. It is considered as the ideal lengthin a space-time of space-like paths.

What is the length of a period?

The length is usually about a week, but when you first get it,it's "irregular".. The length of a female's period varies by each individual. Some girls/women have periods that last for only 2 - 3 days, while others have periods that last for a full week. Just as some have really heavy flows, and others have only a light flow. Also, some girls/women have regular cycles, with their periods starting every 28 days, and others have more irregular periods. They will start their period anywhere from every 3 weeks to every 4 or 5 weeks. In other words, what is normal for one, is not necessarily normal for another. But if your period had been lasting for a certain amount of time, and has changed, or if the flow has changed, you need to see your ob-gyn.

What is the length of the tiger?

The size of a White Tiger depends greatly on the subspecies. Generally, the head and body length of a White Tiger is about 4 and a half to 9 feet (1.4 to 2.8 m) long. The tail adds another 3 to 4 feet (90 to 120 cm) to the total length. Tigers are about 9 to 10 feet long. actually the biggest tiger in history was a huge 14.5 feet long ! Siberian male - 9 1/2 -10 1/2 feet Bengal -9 - 10 1/4 feet Indo Chinese -8 1/2 -9 feet South China, Sumatran, Malayan - 8 - 8 3/4 feet. All lengths given are for typical males. Females are somewhat shorter.

What is the length of a lion?

It can be up to 2.5 meters without the tail. With the tail it can reach 3.6meters The length of a lion is around 1-3 metres, a male lion not including the tail can grow to 2 metres long, the tail adds on about 100cm or a metre! A jaguar body is 1.3- 2 meters long outcluding tail. Wikipedia. A lion is 2-2,5 m in males and 1,7-2m in females both outcluding tail. A tail is 55cm-1,1m long. A lion is not as small as we think. A male can reach ,by some experts opinion, even 2.9 m without tail. Big cats are not pets. A huge Siberian tiger once reached 4 meters with the tail! Males can be eight and a half to nine and a half feet long, from nose to tail tip. Females are around a foot shorter.

What is the length of starfish?

The length of a sunflower starfish ( or regular starfish) is about 6 inches wide.

What is the most important characteristic in determining the length of a stars life?

Mass. Higher mass stars, while having more fuel to burn, counterintuitavely have shorter lifespans, as they are able to bring more of that mass to temperatures capable of supporting fusion.

Why is controlling shutter speed and focal length important when capturing a digital image?

To get the exposure level on the sensor correct - it's important in photography on film also. Many cameras attempt to do it automatically.

The length of a radius is the length of a diameter?

The length of a radius is not the length of a diameter. Thediameter is two times the length of the radius.

Does penis length is important to get pregnant?

Yes it is so important if you have a tiny dinky your lady will be unable to drop an egg and then have your baby so if you have a tiny dinky you should comsider surgimical options which is when they implant stem cells in your penis stem cells are made from dead babies so you will a dead baby in your penis and then it will grow big and strong and make babies. Good luckkkk !!!!11!!1!

Is it length by width or width by length?

There is no difference between L x W and W x L For example if L = 5 and W = 3 L x W -> 5 x 3 = 15 W x L -> 3 x 5 = 15

Why is password length important?

As the length of the password increases, the amount of time it takes to find it through brute force increases exponentially.

What is the length of Aladdin?

The running time of the Disney Film Aladdin is 90 minutes long. However, if you are referring to the length of the character Aladdin, I would have to estimate at about 5'11. :)

Is it important for the length of a swimming pool to be accurate?

Yes. There are two important reasons why this is the case. 1) Maintenance (includes cleaning, hygiene, etc). This involves the addition of chemicals to the water so an accurate figure is required to ensure the correct amount. The correct dimensions are also important when re-tiling, painting, covering and so on so that appropriate quantities of the materials involved can be installed. 2) Swimming records : This does not just apply to such as world, olympic and national records but also to personal records kept by an individual so that swimming sessions taking place in another location can be accurately compared.

What is the length of a gallbladder?

The gallbladder is said to be roughly the size of a kiwi fruit (approximately 10cm/4inches long)

What is the length of gerbils?

Gerbils normally range from 4 inches to 6 inches but if you buy the new gerbil stretching rack as seen in The Princess Bride on www.imsoangryatthisquestionicantseestraight.com then it is possible to make your gerbil up to 1 foot long!!!

Is girth or length more important in a penis I'm not trying to be perverted just curious?

Most chaps would say length, and boast (implausibly) of theirs. Girth is arguably more important, as it would stretch the vagina in a tight fit, thus increasing the contact area inside. As the sensitive area is inside, it will increase the sensation for the woman. The quantity of sperm produced is entirely unconnected with the size of penis. _____________________________________ Since this is a matter of preference, each woman will have her own ideas about whether length or girth is more important. However, most women consider it even MORE important that the penis, of whatever size, be connected to a man who is gentle, loving and considerate.

What is the length of anarea?

The length of any area can be any number you like - especially since the shape is not specified. But even if the space were specified (eg as a rectangle), you could always double the length and halve the width so that the area remained the same.

What is the length of a woodpecker?

it is 19 to 21 inches There are many different types of woodpeckers with various sizes ranging from the smallest Downy Woodpecker to the Pileated Woodpecker. · Downy Woodpecker - 15-17 cm · Ladder-backed Woodpecker - 16 - 18 cm · Hairy Woodpecker - 17 - 22 cm · Red-headed woodpecker - 17-22 cm · Golden-fronted Woodpecker - 20-25 cm · Acorn Woodpecker - 23 cm · Northern Flicker - 27-30 cm · Pileated Woodpecker - 40-50 cm

How do you convert lengths?

Metric Imperial 1 millimetre [mm]. 0.03937 in. 1 centimetre [cm]. 10 mm. 0.3937 in. 1 metre [m]. 100 cm. 1.0936 yd. 1 kilometre [km]. 1000 m. 0.6214 mile. Imperial Metric 1 inch [in]. 2.54 cm. 1 foot [ft]. 12 in. 0.3048 m. 1 yard [yd]. 3 ft. 0.9144 m. 1 mile. 1760 yd. 1.6093 km. 1 int nautical mile. 2025.4 yd. 1.853 km.

Why is weight of a bungee jumper important in calculations for the length of the bungee rope?

because the hevier the person the faster they fall so the longer the bungee extends, ie if the person is really heavy then the person needs a shorter bungee.

What is a kilometer in length?

1 km is equal to 0.6213711922 miles in length . 1 km . . 1 mi 1.609344 km . = . 0.6213711922 mi.

What is the length of a penish?

It can be very various. 10 cm to 22 cm in average. But it doesn't mean there are no penises above or below. Every size is normal if it functions well.

What is the length of a softball?

12in or 11 in all the way around say if you could make a softball flat that is how long it would be

If am and bm then what is the length of?

34 ~ if both portions are congruent then they can be split in half thus giving us 17 from 34. AMB 34 AM = 17 MB = 17

What is the length of an Airbus?

Depends which one you are talking about There are many different types. There is no such aircraft just called "Airbus"

What is the length of a pterodactyl?

No fossils of adult Pterodactylus have ever been found. However, paleontologists have estimated the size of adults based on the sizes and development levels of the many juvenile Pterodactylus fossils that have been found. They estimate that an adult Pterodactylus's wingspan was about 5 feet. If that is correct, they were probably about 3 feet long.

What is the length of a casket?

The standard length of American casket varies between 80" and 83". Over the time, the standard length has increased because the average size of people has increased. The longest oversize caskets from serial production currently have a length of 96". Longer caskets must be hand crafted.

Why is it important to take into account the cable length of a circuit breaker?

Because of resistance drop; if the cable is too long, you could be drawing additional amperage because of line loss (inductive load), or losing excessive power in the cable. Additionally, the gauge of the cable should be considered as well. If you are using a GFI circuit breaker, too long of a run can cause the GFI to continually pop because of inductance and line loss.

What is the length of a dream?

It sometimes seems like minutes, but it's actually hours.If your mind has the ability to pursue dreams as such, then it can control the length, so you can control length, and even what you do. Just think of it really hard. More information: It is impossible to determine the length of a dream, just as it is impossible to measure the size of a thought. Because dreams, like thoughts, occur within the mind, they might appear as a whole, just as an idea might occur as a full blown concept. At other times, dreams, like thoughts, gradually unfold step by step.

What is the length of a in centimeters?

The length of a cm is about from one end of you nail to the other end

Does a length times a length equal a length?

No, it equals a square length, which is usually the area. For example, if you have a rectangle with one lenght being 3 feet and the other length being 4 feet, the area is 3 feet X 4 feet = 12 feet^2 (12 square feet).

What is the length of a radius and the length of a diameter?

The length of a radius of a circle is half of the diameter of the same circle. So, diameter is always twice the radius.

Why is focal length important when using the oil-immersion objective on microscope?

Proper focal lenght provides the best resolution of object in focus. oil immersion is used so that light that passes from condensor of microscope onto objective lenses wont' get refracted. In other words, light with proper focal length passes directly to objective lense throug oil immersion, so that light won't deflected sideways before entering objective lense.

What is more important the length of a labor contraction or how far apart they are?

How far apart they are. When down to a certain number of minutes you are in labor.

A Has infinite length and length but no thickness?

A point has no length, width, or thickness. A line has infinite length but no width or thickness. A plane has infinite length and width but no thickness.

When looking at a conviction what is more important the length of time your serving or the charge?

It depends on who is deeming what important. A convict serving 30 years in prison for stealing a pack of gum from a store will probably find the length of time more important than the charge of theft since they have to serve it. An employer may not care one way or another if the length of time served was one hour or 30 years if the charge was murder. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Why she is important?

Women are very important, because if they were not alive, then there would be no babies and all men would have to be gay.

What is the length of the radius to the length of the diameter?

Diameter divided by 2 equals radius r=d/2 For example, if the radius was 3.5, the diameter would be 7.

Explain the importance of how a wave length is created?

Wave length's are one of the most fundamental subjects in physics effecting sound, light and water for example. Learning how the wave length was created allows one to learn much about sound and light.

What is the length of a driveway in metric length?

It depends on how far the house is from the pavement as to how long is a driveway!

Why is it important to have correct measurements for the length of a board on a building project?

It is important to have the correct measurements for the length of a board on a building project for many reasons. One reason it to make the building look square and have all the lines straight. Also, if boards are not cut to proper length, the building may not be as structurally sound as it should be.

Is length important for bone strength?

Length is very important for bone strength because the longer thebone, the weaker the bone, and the shorter it is, the stronger itwill be.

What is the fastest way to grow a YouTube channel I get that upload consistency trendy topics short video length and high quality are important but are there any other tricks?

Share the video on social media. Having your own Twitter andFacebook pages will help expand your audience and reach.