Why is sRNA called soluble RNA?

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Soluble RNA was originally called this because a soluble segment of RNA from liver cells that did not sediment (settle at the bottom/come out of suspension) after several hours of centrifuging lead to the discovery of this type of RNA.

Soluble RNA is an outdated term - the current term used for this type of RNA is transfer RNA, or tRNA.
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What is RNA?

Ribonucleic acid or RNA is a nucleic acid, consisting of manynucleotides that form a polymer. Each nucleotide consists of anitrogenous base, a ribose sugar, and a phosphate. RNA is verysimilar to DNA, but differs in a few important structural details:in the cell RNA is usually single-stranded, while (MORE)

What are the sub units of DNA and RNA called?

DNA and RNA are polymers . Collectively, DNA and RNA arecalled nucleic acids. The subunits of nucleic acids are callednucleotides. Nucleotide monomers form nucleic acid polymers. Anucleotide has 3 parts to it: a phosphate group, a sugar (ribose inRNA and deoxyribose in DNA), and a base (Adenine, Gu (MORE)

RNA differs from DNA in that RNA?

DNA contains genetic information and determines everything about aperson. RNA carries genetic messages from DNA to the ribosomes inthe body.

What does rna have?

RNA have ribonucleotides. Ribonucleotides have ribose sugar, phosphate, and nitrogen bases. The nitrogen bases of RNA are adenine, guanine, cytocine and uracil.

What are the subunits called of DNA and RNA?

DNA and RNA are nucleic acids . Nucleic acids are polymers of nucleotides (also called mononucleotides).. The nucleotides in DNA are deoxyribonucleotides . The nucleotides in RNA are ribonucleotides .. Each nucleotide consists of a pentose (5-carbon) sugar, a nitrogen-containing base and (MORE)

The process of assembling a protein from rna is called what?

The problem with this question is that proteins are not directly produced from RNA sequences. Polypeptide chains are produced from RNA sequences, more specifically mRNA sequences. Though that statement seems to contradict with the fact that proteins are made up of polypeptide chains, proteins are no (MORE)

RNA viruses are also called?

Viruses with RNA as their genetic material are called retroviruses. They use the enzyme reverse transcriptase to transcribe their RNA genome into DNA, which is then inserted into the host's genome.

Where is RNA?

ribo nuclec acid roughly a copy of dna. something you may want to by if you are intrested in chemistry the book called chemistry 101

What does the RNA do?

\nRNA fits through the pores of the nuclear membrane, unlike the DNA, allowing it to transport all of the information to the specific parts. When RNA copies parts of DNA, it only copies parts of it, only the parts needed. For example, it would not copy information needed for fingernails if it needed (MORE)

What is the process called of assembling a protein from RNA?

Translation. This occurs in the ribosomes, and the form of RNA is usually mRNA (messenger RNA). The RNA is transcribed from the DNA in the nucleus and then travels to the ribosomes for translation (after the addition of a poly A tail and a cap for protection).

Why is RNA called blueprint?

Blueprints were used to show the instructions for constructing a building. mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) can also be thought of as a set of instructions, in this case for constructing proteins. The structure of the mRNA molecule gathers bits of amino acids in a particular order so a complete pro (MORE)

What does RNA have in it?

RNA have ribonucleotides. Ribonucleotides have ribose sugar, phosphate, and nitrogen bases. The nitrogen bases of RNA are adenine, guanine, cytocine and uracil.

What is it called when RNA copies to DNA?

When RNA's base sequence is used to determine the base sequence of a new strand of DNA, that is called reverse transcription . This is because the process is the reverse of transcription, which involves copying the base sequence of DNA to form RNA, including messenger RNA (mRNA).

What is the solubility?

solubility means the quantityof a solute that will liquefy in aparticular solvent under certain conditions

What nitrogenous base is found in DNA but not in RNA is called what?

\nThe nitrogenous base found in DNA but not RNA is called thymine. RNA contains the base uracil which during transcription(when genetic information is copied from DNA to RNA) pairs with the base adenine in DNA.\nSo, DNA has four nitrogenous bases: (A) adenine, (C) cytosine, G (guanine), and T (thy (MORE)

What do RNA do?

RNA is the genetic material in some single celled organelles. It is also in ribosomes, which help create protiens. RNA primers are also involoved in DNA replication.

Is solvation in water called solubility?

True. Solvation in water is called solubility. Solvation is also referredto as dissolution in some cases. When ions dissolve in a solvent,they are distributed and eventually get surrounded by solventmolecules.

How do you get RNA?

Dna is split up into two different strands of nucleotides. After that is beyond me.

RNAs that can act as enzymes are called?

RNA's that can act as enzymes are called ribozymes. Its function isto catalyze the cleavage and formation of covalent bonds in RNAstrands at particular sites.

What is each building block of RNA and DNA called?

DNA is formed with the bases thymine, adenine, guanine, and cytosine. RNA is formed with the same bases, only uracil replaces thymine. DNA's bases are connected to a sugar and a phosphate, and the sugar and phosphate are connected to each other- these form the rungs of the ladder. The guanine (MORE)

How is RNA polymerase used in RNA?

From the Biology book I have studied in my 9th grade schooling... RNA polymerase is an enzyme much like that of DNA polymerase. Both enzymes, RNA and DNA polymerase, "unzip" the DNA. (Keep in mind that DNA is in the shape of a double helix, so think of it as a twisted ladder being sawed straight d (MORE)

RNAs that can act as enzyme are called?

RNA molecules that act as enzymes are called ribozymes (also called RNA enzymes or catalytic RNA ). They have a well defined tertiary structure (like proteins), their activity is often coordinated to metal ions as cofactors, and they have been found to catalyze reactions in which a ribosome r (MORE)

What do you call a monomer of DNA or RNA?

a monomer of DNA or RNA is called a nucleotide.the nucleotide is actually a combination of (1)a deoxyribose/ribose sugar (2)a base(A,G,C,T/U) (3)phosphoric acid.All these combine and form a nucleotide.a large number of these nucleotides join together through phosphodiester linkage to form a polymer (MORE)

What is the region of DNA where RNA synthesis begins called?

The region of DNA where RNA synthesis begins is the promoter. DNA contains a number of upstream regulatory and promoter sequencesbut the region of DNA where RNA synthesis begins is the startcodon. This is the first codon that translates into an RNAnucleotide.

What type of RNA is called translator?

mRNA is having codons, that are converted to amino acids by tRNA that carry anti-codons. the amoni acid sequence from tRNA is then translated to proteins by rRNA. So, translator RNA is rRNA.

When RNA becomes protein the process is called?

RNA does not become protein. Messenger RNA transcribes the DNA code and carries it to a ribosome where it is translated by transfer RNA into a sequence of amino acids that will make a protein. The entire process is called protein synthesis.

How do rna and messenger rna relate?

mRNA, or messenger RNA is a type of RNA responsible for carrying a copy of DNA from the nucleus to the ribosomes. There are 3 types of RNA - mRNA, tRNA and rRNA. tRNA (transfer RNA) is responsible for carrying amino acids to the ribosome so they can be added to the peptide (protein) being created. (MORE)

Why is RNA called as messenger?

Rna was the original Genetic material; it became superceded by Dnayet it ended up performing an astoundingly complex set of functions- m Rna, t Rna, r Rna, et al...