Why is the Mississippi River called Mississippi?

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obviously because the mississipians found it and named it,.... but mostly because the mississipians found it. ^_^
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Why the Mississippi river is named after the state of Mississippi?

Actually, it's the other way around. The name "Mississippi" means "Large river" in the language of the Chippewa Indians. The Mississippi river was already documented with that name as far back as 1695, on a map drawn by Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle, and many years later, the state was named after the river that borders it.

What rivers flow into the Mississippi river?

The major rivers are the Missouri, Ohio, and the Arkansas River. Other tributaries are the Minnesota River (Minnesota), Illinois River (Illinois), White River (Arkansas), Yazoo River (Mississippi), and part of the Red River (Louisiana).

Why is the Mississippi River named the Mississippi?

Though the river was called by many different names, the name Mississippi given to it by the Indians was the name that was used on Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle's map of the area in 1695. "The name Mississippi is derived from the Ojibwe word misi-ziibi ("Great River") or gichi-ziibi ("Big River") at its headwaters." What does the word Mississippi mean? The name Mississippi comes from the French "Messipi" - the French rendering of the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe or Algonquin) name for the river, "Misi-ziibi," meaning "Great River." The name Mississippi comes from the French "Messipi" - the French rendering of the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe or Algonquin) name for the river, "Misi-ziibi," meaning "Great River." . The Mississippi River flows over 2,350 miles, from Lake Itasca, Minnesota, to the Gulf of Mexico. . 40% of North America's ducks, geese, swan and wading bird species rely on the Mississippi River as a migration corridor. . 241 fish species inhabit the Mississippi River and its tributaries. . The Mississippi River serves as a shared border for 10 states. . The river and its tributaries supply drinking water for more than 18 million people in central U.S. from taraya l.o.l smiley face

Where is the Mississippi River?

It divides the US, running north to south down the middle of thecountry, with tributaries (the Ohio. the Red, and Missouri Rivers)draining the majority of the interior. The Mississippi River isreally a big river; it ranks with the Amazon River, the Nile, andlots of rivers in Europe.

Where is Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi is located at the very southern edge ofthe United States. It covers an area of 48,434 square miles and isbordered by the state of Alabama. Mississippi is located in the southern region of the United States.Mississippi is located in between Louisiana and Alabama. Thelatitude is 30 degrees 12' N to 35 degrees N. The longitude is 88degrees 06' W to 91 degrees 39' W. eastern south - central US

What rivers connect to the mississippi river?

There are several major rivers that connect to the Mississippi.These rivers include: Missouri, Illinois, Red, Tennessee, Ohio, andArkansas. Several other small streams directly connect to theMississippi.

Which rivers flow into the Mississippi River?

The Ohio, Missouri, and Colorado rivers flow into the Mississippi River. Crow Wing River, Gull Lake River, Rum River, St. Croix River, Blue Earth RIver, Root River, Minnesota River, Red Cedar River, Chippewa River, Black River, Kickapoo River, Wisconsin River, Turkey River, Upper Iowa River, Maquoketa River, Wapsipinicon River, Cedar River, Iowa River, Skunk River. And this is only in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. (Does NOT include Rivers that empty into other Rivers that lead to Mississippi, also does not include hundreds of streams, creeks, brooks and lakes that also lead to the Mississippi)

Who was Mississippi?

Mississippi wasn't a person be an Indian word. The native American (Indian) name meant "Father of Waters" and comes from Chippewas words "mici zibi" which means "great river" or "gathering in of all the waters" and the Algonquin word "Messipi"

What is in Mississippi?

Fertile soil. Abundant water. Poverty. A history of racial injustice and violence. A bright future.

Where is river Mississippi?

In the United States, with a length of 2,340 miles from its source in Lake Itasca in Minnesota to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico.

Is the Mississippi river a Canadian river?

No In fact there are TWO Mississippi Rivers in North America. The famous muddy one of Mark Twain's writings, in the USA, and a smaller, much more scenic one in Ontario, Canada.

Why is the Mississippi river called old man river?

I have been told that the Mississippi River is known as "Old Man River" because as it flows from north to south, it forms the profile of a somewhat potbellied man, therefore he is deemed as "old." Louisiana finishes off his shoes. However true or false it may be, at least it will promote some interest as I have my students trace the Mississippi River on their Civil War maps.

What can you do in Mississippi?

There are many things that people can do while in Mississippi,including visiting museums. People can also go shopping, go to themovies, and hang out with friends.

What did the indans call the Mississippi river?

Every tribe was different and each had a different term in their own language for the Mississippi. The Pawnee name was Kickaátit . The Cheyenne called it the "Big Greasy River" ( Máʼxe-éʼometaaʼe) which sounds less than attractive. The Arapaho called it B eesniicíe. Among the Ojibwe/Chippewa people different sections of the river have different names - one of these is Gichi-ziibi. The Mohawk name was Yandawezue , meaning great river. It is alleged that the Choctaws called it Misha sipokni - meaning "beyond age", but this is not confirmed.

If Mississippi was named after the Mississippi river what does Mississippi mean?

The native American (Indian) name meant "Father of Waters" and comes from Chippewas words "mici zibi" which means "great river" or "gathering in of all the waters" and the Algonquin word "Messipi" The reason the state was named after the river is because more of the river flows through this state than any other and was a suitable name.

What are the rivers called that feed into the Mississippi river?

tributaries the mississippi's tributaries include: . Apple River (Illinois) . Arkansas River . Bad Axe River . Beaucoup Creek . Big Black River (Mississippi) . Big Muddy River . Big River (Wisconsin) . Bloody Run (Iowa) . Bluebell Creek (Iowa) . Buck Creek (Mississippi River) . Buffalo River (Wisconsin) C . Cannon River . Casey Creek (Illinois) . Catfish Creek (Iowa) . Chippewa River (Wisconsin) . Cimarron River (Arkansas River) . Clear Creek (Iowa) . Cota Creek . Crow River (Minnesota) . Crow Wing River D . Des Moines River E . Edwards River (Illinois) . Elk River (Minnesota) F . Fabius River G . Galena River (Illinois) . Grant River H . Hatchie River . Hay Creek (Mississippi River) . H cont. . Henderson Creek (Illinois) I . Illinois River . Iowa River K . Kaskaskia River L . La Crosse River . Leitner Creek . Little Maquoketa River . Little Marys River (Illinois) . Little Menominee River . Loosahatchie River M . Maquoketa River . Marys River (Illinois) . Menominee River (Illinois) . Meramec River . Mill Creek (Iowa) . Muddy Boggy Creek . Nokasippi River O . Obion River . Ohio River . Paint Creek (Iowa) . Platte River (Minnesota) . Plum River R . Red River (Mississippi River) . Rice Creek (Minnesota) . River des Peres . Rock River (Mississippi River) . Root River (Minnesota) . Rum River . Rush River (Wisconsin) . St. Croix River (Wisconsin-Minnesota) . Sauk River (Minnesota) . Schoolcraft River . Sinsinawa River . Skunk River . Sny Magill Creek . Spruce Creek (Iowa) . St. Francis River . Swan River (northern Minnesota) T . Trempealeau River . Trimbelle River . Turkey River (Iowa) U . Upper Iowa River V . Vermillion River (Minnesota) . Village Creek (Allamakee County, Iowa) W . Wapsipinicon River . Watab River . Wexford Creek . White River (Arkansas) . Whitewater River (Minnesota) . Willow River (Mississippi River) . Wind River (Wisconsin) . Wisconsin River . Wolf River (Tennessee) Y . Yazoo River . Yellow River (Iowa) . Zumbro River .

Is there minnows in the Mississippi River?

Yes, carp are a good example of minnows, family Cyprinidae, whichinhabit the Mississippi. minnows are one of the most diverse, andadaptable families of animals on the planet.

Why is the Mississippi River located in Minnesota?

Because ships follow the river and one stop is Minnesota. That's how Minnesota gets most of its goods. Because that is where it starts. Water runs off the land from many locations in Minnesota and add to the volume of the river.

Is the Mississippi river a youthful stream?

The Mississippi River has three stages: First, it is a youthful river, further down the stream it comes into its mature stage, and even further down the river, at the end, it comes into its old age stage. All rivers have three stages, it just depends what part of the river you are looking at.

What counrty is the Mississippi river located?

The Mississippi River is in the United States. The MississippiRiver rises out of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota and flowssouthward for 2,320 miles to the Mississippi River Delta at theGulf of Mexico.

How do you get to the Mississippi river from meridian Mississippi?

To get to the Mississippi River from Meridian, MS, you simply take Interstate 20 through Jackson, MS to Vicksburg, MS. Once entering Vicksburg, continuing on Interstate 20 crosses the Mississippi River. Another route is to use Interstate 20 to Jackson, MS. continue to the Natchez Trace and continue to Natchez, MS. It "dead" ends at the Mississippi River.

Is Mississippi river the largest river?

The Mississippi River is the largest river in North America in terms of volume of water flowing in it. The Missouri River is the longest river in N.A., but is behind the Ohio River in the volume of water that it contributes to the Mississippi River.

Why is Mississippi River called the Mississippi River?

the procees of ivers going down the first river was called mississippi and had larger mouth than all the other rivers where it joins although it should be called missouri becuz at the point the mississippi and missouri come together the missouri is bigger

Where is Mississippi from?

The Mississippi River rises out of Lake Itasca in northernMinnesota and flows southward for 2,320 miles to the MississippiRiver Delta at the Gulf of Mexico.

What was the Mississippi?

The Mississippi refers to theMississippi River. It is a major river in North America. The riverrises out of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota and flows southwardfor 2,320 miles to the Mississippi River Delta at the Gulf ofMexico.