Why is the freezer at the the top of the fridge?

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It is less expensive to manufacture the freezer on top. Better, and more expensive, refrigerators have the freezer on the bottom or, of course, a side by side.
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Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

For climate control It is because light doesn't only give light but warmth. The fridgeis okay since it doesn't have to be totally cold but in thefreezer, it has to be. It can

Why are freezers on top of fridges?

One possible reason is because of the size of the freezer compared to the size of the refrigerator portion. If the refrigerator portion were placed over the freezer, then you

Can a microwave be on top of a fridge freezer?

Yes. The short waves that bounce around inside the oven should be well shielded from penetrating the freezer ice. Heat from the freezer coils rises, but that should not harm t
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What are the different types of fridges and freezers?

There are many different types of fridges and freezers. Some fridges come with the refrigerator on the side next to the freezer. Also, some freezers are located at the botto