Why is the meter stick a math tool?

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Because it measues distance between lengths of object of the SI (System Of International Units). Also if you give math the teacher a bad answer she might swat you with one!
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Where did meter stick come from?

To measure the length, height, or width of something that has physical dimensions. Frequently the meter stick has a length of 1m. Gabriel Mouton, the vicar of St. Paul's Church in Lyon, France, is considered by many as the "founding father" of the metric system. It was originally made of titanium.

Who invented the meter stick?

According to the first definition adopted in France in 1791, themeter was 0.0000001 quarter of the length of the Paris meridian.The size of a meter was defined on the basis of geodetic andastronomical measurements J.Delambre и P. Méchain. French masterLenoir was managed J.Borda (1799)was prepared the first standardmeter as a measure of length limit - platinum stick width of about25 mm, a thickness of about 4 mm, the distance between the ends,the unit of length equal to the highest. He got the name "meterarchive" or "archival meter" (at the place of storage). However, asit turned out meter could not be exactly reproduced again becauseof the lack of accurate data about the figure of the Earth and ofsignificant errors of geodetic measurements.The present length ofthe meter is made in accordance with the resolution of the 17thGeneral Conference on Weights and Measures held in October 1983 inParis (France) and is defined as the distance traveled by light invacuum during a 1:299 792 458 stake seconds.

How long is a meter stick?

A meter stick (measuring device) is usually either one meter long or slightly longer at 39.5 inches. The SI unit meter is equal to 100 centimeters (A centimeter is a hundredth of a meter). The English unit length of a meter is 39.37 inches, or 3.28 feet. For rough calculations, the yard (36 inches, 3 feet) is only

When was the meter stick invented?

The stick itself was developed and in mass production by 14,000 BC, but the system of marking it with the metric scale was not added until the late 18 th Century.

What does a meter stick measure?

A meter stick is used to measure length and short distances. . A meter stick is between 1.00m and 1.05m long. It is calibrated incm and mm, which are the units it is used to measure. Measurementof distances of a number of meters was traditionally done withsurveyor's tapes or chains; nowadays by interferometry using alaser. Ultra high precision measurement is mostly still done with aFabry-Perot interferometer.

What is the Definition of a meter stick?

In 1983 the 17th CGPM (Resolution 1) redefined the meter in terms of the speed of light in a vacuum. The value for the speed of light, 299,792,458 meters per second, had already been recommended in 1975 by the 15th CGPM, (Resolution 2). Its use in the meter's definition made the speed of light fall within the limits of uncertainty of the best existing measurements. Though this is a rather technical definition, it is the most correct. In the past, the meter or metre if you're European, has been defined as: 1) Jean Picard, Olaus Rømer and other astronomers had suggested that a unit of length be defined as the length of a pendulum with a period of 2 seconds. (A pendulum's period is the time it takes to make one complete swing back and forth). It was already known that identical pendulums set up in different places had different periods, so any such a definition would have to specify a location for the standard pendulum. 2) one ten-millionth of the earth's quadrant. Today the length of the earth's quadrant can be measured relatively easily by the use of satellites. Such measurements show that the meter is actually about 1/5 of a millimeter shorter than one ten-millionth of the earth's quadrant. The startling thing about this fact is not that the meter does not conform to its original conception, but that two 18th century surveyors should have come so close.

Functions of meter stick?

Similar to functions of a yard stick in the States. It can be used for measurement, obviously; the smallest units are usually millimetres. It can also be used just to draw a straight line, especially on a large surface such as a chalkboard or white board. Generally, it is either too large - for measurement on a piece of paper, for example, too inaccurate - lines are printed on wood, or too short - for measuring a room, height of a wall, and so on. In schools, it can also be used as a pointer or as a device to get students' attention: it makes a resounding "Whack!" on a desk.

Meaning of meter stick?

A meter stick is a stick that is one meter long. It is marked offin centimeters and millimeters, and it is used for measuringthings.

What makes up a meter stick?

measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths

What math tools do doctors use?

A calculator. Or just a PDA(what does pda mean). or even just a book.. we need more info. YES WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A picture of a meter stick?

Draw a long narrow rectangle. Along its length make marks at 1/100 of the length, 2/100, 3/100 (labelling them) up to the last which is at the other end. This is a picture of a metre stick. A: Or, just click the related link below.

What is meter stick and its uses?

A meter stick is used to measure things. It looks a lot like a yard stick but is a little longer. There are about 39.37 inches per meter.

What is the Unit of measure for a meter stick?

\na meter stick is 1 m = 100 cm = 1000 mm The meter "Stick" measures distance, more specifically it measures distance in units of meters. similar to feet and inches. There are 100 cm (centimeters) in one meter which is exactly how long a meter stick is. there are also 1,000 m in a kilometer. Meters are used in the metric system as their relationships are proportional to the number 10 and SO USEFUL in calculations with regards to physics.

What is meter stick and their uses?

Meter sticks are rulers that are one meter long. They have many uses:\n. \n . measuring straight things\n . propping the classroom door open\n . stirring mixtures when you're mixing them in a garbage can\n . killing flying insects that invade the classroom\n . throwing them at the wall to wake up sleeping students\n . shimming wobbly tables

What is is meter stick?

A meter stick is a device one meter in length, with centimeters and millimeters marked out along it's edges for measuring.

What is a meter stick made of?

Meter sticks can be made of virtually any material known to man.These materials are typically wood and different plastics.

What is meter stick and how to used it?

A meter stick is a stick that is a meter long and is used like a ruler although it is used to measure long things. It is basically the old-fashioned device which we now rather use a measuring tape.

How many feet is in a meter stick?

There are 3.2808 feet in one meter. - See Details for more. . Length Metric Imperial 1 millimetre [mm] 0.03937 in 1 centimetre [cm] 10 mm 0.3937 in 1 metre [m] 100 cm 1.0936 yd 1 kilometre [km] 1000 m 0.6214 mile Imperial Metric 1 inch [in] 2.54 cm 1 foot [ft] 12 in 0.3048 m 1 yard [yd] 3 ft 0.9144 m 1 mile 1760 yd 1.6093 km 1 int nautical mile 2025.4 yd 1.853 km. Hope this helps you.

What does the 90 on the meter stick mean?

That is 90 centimetres from the Zero mark. Many measuring sticks and rulers do not actually show a Zero (0) as it is assumed that everyone will recognise where it is on the scale.

What is the function of a meter sticks?

A meter stick is similar to a yard stick. HOWEVER, a meter stick measures 1 ( one ) meter, while a yard stick measures 1 ( one ) yard. I meter = 1.0936133 yards. ( round off to 1.1 yards approximately )

What are meaning of meter stick?

I am not fully satisfied with your question but if you ask a meterstick, it means a scale or ruler that is one meter long usually labeled in centimeters and millimeters. In another case: 1 meter = 19.689 sticks or 39.3698 inches.

What do a meter stick does?

First of all, it is "what does a meter stick do?" And the answer is that it measures length in the metric units of decimeters, millimeters, centimeters and/or meters.

What is the least count of a meter stick?

Least count is the smallest form of measurement that a specific measuring instrument can accurately measure by. So meter stick uses 1m and 100cm and 1000mm. Thus mm is the least count for a meter stick.

What is as long as 10 meter sticks?

10 metres is the height of the highest diving board in co,petition diving. The first pitch marking from the halfway line. on a rugby union pitch, is the 10 metre line.

Where can one buy a meter stick?

One can purchase a meter stick in online stores such as Arborsci and Amazon. They are also availabile on eBay, Office Depot, Staples, Walmart and Home Training Tools.

What is the sensitivity of a meter stick?

That's a weird way to talk about a meter stick, but I'll take itseriously, play dumb, and discuss the meter stick just like any other piece of testequipment: When you select the device you need for the measurement you'reabout to perform, you have to consider its sensitivity ... the size of the smallestmeasurement it can detect and indicate for you with reasonable accuracy. A meter stick usually has all 100 centimeters marked on it, andmillimeters marked for the first one or two centimeters. So I would say that byhandling, moving, and flipping the stick appropriately and cleverly, you could performreasonably accurate measurements in the range of 1/2 millimeter to 1 meter ... 2,000 to1 with a wooden stick, which is not too shabby !

What is something that a meter stick measures?

A meter stick can be used to measure lengths. It is best if usedfor things that are smaller than a meter long, but can still beused for longer lengths if necessary. Some examples of things youcan measure include: . The height of a preschooler . The diameter of a barrel . The length of a box