Why is the sugar content of cooked hot starches like potato higher than when it is cooled off?

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because when you mix the sugar it will burn the potato
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Does dark rum have a higher sugar content than light or white rum?

COPIED FROM THE LINK BELWO:. The color of a liquor is determined by various dissolved substances depending on the type of liquor. Sugar itself is colorless in solution so th

Why does the potato plant store starch and not sugar?

The potato does not store sugar because there is no sugar in it. The plant has starch in it which is then turned into "sugar" when it is eaten and digested. -when starch is di

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Do sugar and starch in a potato have potential energy?

YES! Sugar, for example, is such a high energy source, especially for use in the human body. Having a chemical formula consisting of six carbons, twelve hydrogens, and six oxy