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The study of science is essential. Let me give you some quick examples of why you must know science in everyday life:
  • ANYTHING you learn makes you smarter!
  • Science is the STUDY of the world around us - by learning science you learn HOW to study and learn (the scientific method, experimentation, research, etc)
  • Science is the study of the WORLD around us - you learn all about the world that we live in - how things work, what living things there are, how things happen, etc
  • Science helps you to become less gullible - there is a lot of WRONG information on the television, the internet, and in rumors - if you learn the truth by learning science, you won't fall for all those scams, cons, hoaxes, and quack medicine schemes!
Here are some more specific reasons to study each type of science:

BIOLOGY - this is the study of anything that is alive; there are many sub-categories like microbiology, botany, and zoology:
  • learning how living things work helps you to understand your own body and your health
  • learning how living things survive helps you to understand why people act the way they do
  • learning how living things are all connected helps you to see why it is important that we preserve our planes

PHYSICAL SCIENCE - these are the sciences that study nonliving things, including astronomy (studying the stars and other planets), earth sciences (geology, meteorology, oceanography, etc), and physics:
  • Learning how the universe works helps you to understand why things happen
  • Llearning how the earth is made helps you to understand why the world is the way it is
  • Learning how the earth works helps you to plan and survive natural events like earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis
  • Learning how the universe works helps you to see connections between all things

SOCIAL SCIENCE - these are sciences dealing with human beings; some examples of social sciences include anthropology, geography, economics, and history:
  • Learning how people interact helps you to get along with others better
  • Learning how the world works helps you to be more successful
  • Learning what people have done in the past helps you to avoid making the same mistakes and to see new things that could be tried in the future
  • Learning how people in different cultures live helps you to understand them and avoid conflicts
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Why it is important to study political science?

Political science isn't the most important subject known tomankind. However it is quite useful to know. Remaining obliviousmay endanger an individuals relationship with public affairs publicservice ,health concerns and taxes. Political science studies helpsthe commoners to understand the mind frame (MORE)

What is the importance of study of political science?

Political science is a multidisciplinary field, incorporating statistical methodologies, sociology, group behavioral psychology, history, diplomacy, legal studies, and governmental policy research. It's useful to have a knowledge of political science as a discipline because it helps you to gain a (MORE)

What is the importance of studying political science?

Here are some good reasons:. Anything you learn makes you smarter . Political science teaches you about how other people think . Political science teaches you how to get along with others better . Political science teaches you about influence and peer pressure . Political science teaches you a (MORE)

Why do you study science?

You study science because then, you could learn why things do certain things or why and how things function and also it will be easy to get more job sources

What does science study?

Science studies the natural world, looking for patterns and connections to make useful predictions. . Answer . science studies things that can be quatified. if something has no objective measure like for example pain it can not be researched the body

What does science not study?

The human ways of video games. things that are not related to nature and things that wouldn't gave benefits to make useful predictions pertaining to science.

Why you should study computer science?

There are so many reasons why you should study computer science.The world has gone digital and as such computer science will beused in various industries and provide many job opportunities.

What type of science should you study to become a hairdresser?

The type of science you take in high school will not cover what the 9 month course in beauty school will cover. They will cover mainly parts of the upper body ( head, neck, shoulders). I would suggest, rather, that you work on reading and writing skills. These will always come in handy in your life (MORE)

Why should you study environmental science?

Here are some reasons to study environmental sciences: . You live in the environment and you should understand how it works . The environment needs to be preserved and you should learn how to do this . Learning anything makes you smarter!

Why should you study computer science?

Here are some reasons: . anything you study makes you smarter! . computers are everywhere now, so you should know aboutthem . computers help you find information . computers help you deal with information to make newinformation . computers help you to calculate solutions to problems . comput (MORE)

Who studies science?

Everybody studies science -- science is what you call learning about how things work, and we all do that during our lives. People who study science as a career are called scientists.

Why should you study earth science?

Here are some reasons to study earth science: . anything you learn makes you smarter! . you live on Earth, so you should learn about your home . its nice to know things like why you should not build a house on the nice, flat land beside a river, or how to start a fire with rocks, or how to find (MORE)

What should you do if you forgot your textbook but you have to study for your science test?

You could try and call a friend and see if they would come over andstudy with you, or possibly study over the phone. If a phone is notavailable or you are unable to use it for a long enough period oftime try through Facebook or another online chat such as AIM orYahoo instant messenger. As a last re (MORE)

Can you study science?

yes you can 1 if there is a diagram you study it. 2 if there is terms (diffusion etc) you can memorize it 3 one of the most boring ones, the periodic table, memorize it. 4 study on how to solve equations (Na+CHL= NaCl+H2) 5 learn to draw atom diagrams 6 if you meet a guy named Purushoth (MORE)

Do you need to study math when you study science?

Yes, because many aspects of science require calculating values and solving formulas. Biology has relativley little math in high school, while physics can be described as math applied to the real world. Chemistry also has a great deal of math involved with it.

What branch of computer science should you study?

There are many areas for study using computers because they are so versatile. Of special importance today is forensic computing, an area that attempts to catch and trace persons who try to gain entrance to many machines to steal data. Another useful, practical area is finding methods to eliminate (MORE)

How should a Christian approach the study of science and evolution?

Regardless of religious affiliation, mankind must approach science for what it is - mankind's best attempts to explain the physical universe. Where many in science go wrong is in their complete separation of biblical teachings (primarily due to requiring the element of faith) when coming up with th (MORE)

Why should you study animal science?

It's not really a matter of "should" because what you wish to study in college or university is your choice. However animal science is important because it is fundamental to agriculture; livestock are fundamental to agriculture in the way they are used, how they are fed, what they are used for as en (MORE)

What can you study in science?

In science you can study: botany - the study of plants anatomy - the study of the human body chemistry - the study of elements and compounds biology physics

What to study in agricultural science?

There are almost too many to name in this venue, but a few would be: . Soil science . Crop science . Animal science . Veterinary science . Environmental science . Hydrology . Real estate law . Agricultural law . Mechanical engineering . Genetics . Microbiology, both plant and animal . Ma (MORE)

Why should you study moral science?

Everyone needs to be able to decide what is right and what is wrong. Studying moral science helps you to learn to make your own decisions about this, and not to just go along with what everyone else is doing.

What are case studies in science?

Science case studies are one of the ways as well as the exams you are marked in science, there your coursework. To score good marks on a science case study here is a few pointers. Introduction: this doesn't have to be to long a few sentences will be fine your not marked dramacticly on your introd (MORE)

Why do we need to study biological science?

Since we're living creatures which interact and use other living creatures, are infected by others and look for ways to defend ourselves, etc biology is a necessary area of study. Experts are necessary. As for the lay population, it's good to have knowledge in a subject in order to have informed (MORE)

What can science not study?

You can apply the Scientific Method to almost any field. One can use a scientific approach to viewing, and even creating art. One can use science to describe, and perhaps improve movement, or even dancing. To some extent one can view thought processes using EEG, FNMR, and PET scans. One (MORE)

Why do people study political science?

To understand how forms of governments function, change and evolve,with emphasis on the relationships between branches, betweenlevels, and with the governments of other countries. Most politicalscience graduates are not themselves governmental officials.

Where do they study this type of science?

They study these types of sciences at a college named after Charles Bungholer. He was the first person to discover holes filled with Bung. the college name is suckmy-bungholer University.

What is an easy way to study science?

Study your notes , rewrite them over and over again till' you think you have it down . Repeat aloud the notes over & over again . Reread the chapter , & look at old test !

How should you study for a science test?

The Best Way to Study: · Set a specific time each day to work on your homework and studying. Treat it like a job, and just go do it. · Keep good notes -- see the Related Questions if you need help with that. Your notes are the best thing to study. · Read over the textbook -- just look (MORE)

What does science study and not study?

Essentially,science is everything and everything is science. You hitting youre foot on a nail could be science because one could experiment and try to see what was the cause of you making that injury, you using youre throat to make certain tones in dialect is also science because one could test and (MORE)

How long should you study for a 35 question Science test?

rewrite or type your notes. what i do is I teach my little sister everything i learned because she asks questions which help me study. She gets really confused when she gets to school and they tell her she'll only learn it in high school but I usually do well on my tests. Works for me but you need t (MORE)

Why do have to study science?

you study science to know basic knowlegde that surrounds you. For example, electricity, gravity, pressure, dynamics is all related to science. These factors surround your everyday life.

What should you do in a science?

In a science experiment you should follow established scientific protocols, ensure than your work is properly documented and publish the results so that others can repeat the experiment and verify the result.

Should you be intelligent to study computer science?

You don't have to be a genius to understand the basic concepts ofcomputer science. Like any other course, you do need to the abilityto think problems through, and you will need a basic understandingof how computers work.

Why should everyone study some science?

Everyone should study some science because when you study scienceyou get a better logic about our natural world. It also gives youbetter understandings about anything.