Why was it dangerous to go to the north pole?

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Cause its cold and in the past we didn't have proper equipment to keep our bodies warm.
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Is the North pole going to melt?

The North pole is very big and even thought global warming is going on, it will most definatly never melt any time soon.

Can you go see him in the north pole?

If you went to the North Pole, all that could be found would be snow, wind, and more snow. Santa Claus is the likeness of Saint Nicholas, the Patron Saint.

What dangers do you face in the North Pole?

the moisture in your eyes freezes and if you breath in the air on a cold windy day you would have bad lung damage and also you could get snatched by a polar bear. LOL
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Did captain Scott go to the north pole or the south pole?

Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his men went to the South Pole:They wanted to be the first men there. Sadly a Norwegian team beatthem there. Captain Scott died on his way back
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Why do people go to the north pole?

To explore, to look for new species to find great new things about earth. also to try to save global warming. And also just to go to a new place that you've never seen before