Will a 3.6V battery replace a 3.7V battery on cameras?

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Yes, 3.7V and 3.6V are the volts of lithium battery cells, and one is Li-ion battery cell and the other is lithium polymer battery cell.

Both of them can be called as lithium batteries
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How do you replace the battery?

Answer . I have a 93 SC2 DOHC. The battery is on the right side behind the fuse box. You need a metric set to undo the 3 screws. Theres one that attaches to the body, one to the bar that goes along the top, and theres one on the left side below the vacuum hose and air induction. After you've (MORE)

Replaced battery and the battery warning stays on?

Answer . check the alternator. Use a digital multimeter and with engine running you should have 13-14 volts at the battery. If less than 12.5 Alternator is not charging. Also check the amperage the alternator is putting out.

How do you replace the battery on a 1963 Corvette?

Replacing a battery on a 1963 Corvette is very easy to do. Thereare two clamps that need to be taken off that are holding thebattery in place. After the clamps are removed, take the batterycables off and lift the old battery up and replace it with a newone.

How can you order a new battery for your camera?

To order a new battery for your camera, you must clear the camera models or the battery code, take canon bp-511 for instance, you can order it in several ways: . Order it in a local camera store. . Buy it online. There are many spare camera battery online stores you can also buy in eBay amazon (MORE)

Can you charge a 3.6V Li-ion battery at 6 or 4.5 Volts?

3.6v Lion batteries much be charged with caution. If the voltage drops below 2.4V or exceeds 4.5v they can begin to leak lithium, which as you may already know, reacts violently with water and to a lesser extent oxygen. Similar to the way sodium reacts. For this reason Lion battery cells have an inb (MORE)

Is it ok to have more milli amps than necessary I have a camera battery that is 3.7V and 680 mAh Can I use a battery that is 3.7V and 800 mAh?

Probably. Put simply, the mAh rating is the size of the proverbial 'gas tank' the battery provides for your device. The larger mAh just means a larger 'gas tank'. To be more precise: the unit mAh stands for milliamp-hours; it indicates that a completely charged battery contains enough power to di (MORE)

Where do you get camera batteries?

For ordinary camera batteries, try the camera department of a big store such as Target or WalMart. For proprietary batteries (special batteries for specific cameras) try a camera shop or B&H PhotoVideo online.

How do you charge a camera battery without a battery charger?

It can be dangerous, but it is possible. I have lost chargers and had to do it. But I wouldn't recommend it unless you pay close attention to it. The way I do it is I take a phone base. (A cordless phone base). I have 2 pieces of tin foil. I fold both pieces of tin foil so you have 2 long skinny pie (MORE)

How do you make a psp-280 3.6v 2200 mAh battery into Pandora?

There are two types of this battery,when opened,if yours has the motherboard at the top of the battery,were you charge it,it can be turned into a pandora battery,the best idea is to search "pandora psp-280 3.6v 2200 mAh battery" in youtube,youll have it in two secs ;) . if the motherboard is beneth (MORE)

Do all cameras take batteries?

No, but most do today. For one thing or another. Even the least expensive disposable film camera will have a small battery for the built-in flash if it has one. Any cameras with electronics will need some kind of battery. But some cameras, even incredibly good ones, don't need any. They are consider (MORE)

Can you replace your rechargeable battery with one that has a higher aMh without damaging the camera?

Yes, it's no problem. a higher mAh should be preferable for use in your camera. "mAh" is A unit for measuring electric power over time, and is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time. A higher mAh rating means the (fully-charged) battery can power a de (MORE)

Why would the battery light be on after replacing the battery?

The battery light on a car is just an idiot light and does not necessarily mean the battery is bad. More likely is a bad alternator. If you or a friend has a digital volt ohm meter set it to VDC (Volts DC) and put the meter on the battery terminals with the car running. If your alternator and voltag (MORE)

How long does your Samsung camera battery last?

the length of your battery time will depend on the length of time you are using your camera, if it is on constantly then it will only last several hours but if turned off it will last for many days

Can one recycle a camera battery?

Yes, you can send your batteries to call2recycle and they will recycle the battery and use parts to make new batteries. You can also recycle rechargable batteries at call2recyle.

What is the battery life of a fuji camera?

The battery life for a camera like this would be about five hours. You could purchase rechargeable batteries to make the cost a bit better though. This is a good amount of battery life for a camera.

What are the best camera batteries?

There are a wide variety of batteries available to the consumer but Duracell has been proven to be one the most popular brands. These batteries perform well and last a long time. Their rechargeable batteries hold a charge for a long time which is a desirable feature in rechargeable batteries.

Where could one purchase a Canon replacement battery pack for a camera?

One could expect to find a Canon replacement battery pack from a specialist electrical store such as BestBuy or Maplin. One would also be advised to view Amazon and eBay respectively since one might be able to find a second-hand battery pack at a lower price than the standard retail price.

Where can one purchase batteries for digital cameras?

Batteries for digital cameras can be bought in supermarkets and shops such as Halfords/Homebase. They can also be purchased online at sites such as Amazon, and also specialized battery stores like Battery-Force (UK Only).

Can I use a 3.7 v 750mah battery in place of a 3.7v 650mah battery?

It is always best to replace batteries with identical batteries. However if the replacement battery has the same voltage and thesame physical construction (so it will connect electrically) it canusually be used as a replacement. The mah rating (capacity) only says how long it takes to charge andhow (MORE)